Sunday, September 16, 2012

Alphabet Cake ( Inka, Muara Karang )

Pesenannya temen kantor 1 gedung untuk ultah anaknya yang ke 3.

Thanks ya In..
Happy Birthday Ridley..

Superwoman Cupcake ( Silvi, Malaysia )

Ini di order sama Yoppy, sebenernya Yoppy bantuin temennya, Silvi untuk order cupcake ini ke aku.Silvi bilang dia udah sms ke aku. tp aku tolak ( Nah pas di konfirmasi ke aku, aku malah bingung..wong nomorku udah ganti ).

Thanks ya Sil ...
Thanks Yop..

Using the Federal Reserve Stimulus 2012 to make Home Improvements

Federal Reserve Pumps More Stimulus Money Into US Economy

With a Slow economic recovery over the past 3 to 4 years, the United States Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernacke announced another stimulus program to help stimulate the economy. Announced on September 13th, the Federal Reserve committed to low interest rates until 2015, and an open ended quantitative easing program, with the Federal Reserve buying 40 billion dollars in mortgage backed securities without end, according to has a full transcript of the announcement and press conference with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernacke ( This will allow banks to have more capital and improve loaning abilities of banks all around the country.

What this means to Myrtle Beach, SC area residents and the surrounding North Carolina and South Carolina coastal areas is more lending opportunities for first time home buyers, businesses, investors, and car buyers. The Federal Reserve is hoping that by taking these drastic measures, it will spur homeowners and businesses to expand, and make improvements to existing properties and infrastructure.  As many local Myrtle Beach hotels and businesses have been putting off building improvements, due to volatility, and a slower than expected economic recovery, this move by the Federal Reserve should open up more lending sources for many hotels and businesses. Also, the Federal Reserve is hoping that this will give homeowners access to low interest capital for home improvements, especially energy efficient home improvements that reduce carbon emissions. Homeowners have been in the same situation as businesses, putting off many home improvement projects for months and years.  Look for banks to ease requirements for equity line loans for homeowners, first time home buyer programs, investment property loans, and small business loans.

With most small businesses surviving the after effects of the recession in the  Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area, yet not profiting like they were before the recession, it is good news. This means access to more capital to invest into real estate, much needed building improvements, advertising investments, and other key tools needed to make their business plans work.  Myrtle Beach is quickly becoming one of the best beaches in America to visit, with TV spots on Fox News, ABC News, and many other news outlets. This has definitely attracted a lot more first time visitors to the Myrtle Beach area. Attracting repeat business is key to hotels and resorts in the Myrtle Beach SC area, differentiating your hotel or business from the competition can make all the difference in attracting more customers to your location. Improving building structures and maintaining existing structures, is key to keeping your property attracting customers.  Projects like roof replacements can not be overlooked for long, without causing major damages. Many hotels are taking these opportunities to invest in more energy efficient roofing systems. With energy efficient building design improvements in the past years, many hotels and business are saving money on key repairs like roof replacement cost. There are many roof coating products now that have better ratings then traditional roofs. In addition they also have lower material and labor cost then traditional roofing systems, reduce energy cost, and tax credits available to business owners, covering up to $1.30/sq. foot on installation cost. 

It has never been a better time to improve your building structure or hotel in Myrtle Beach. With pricing so low for most of these products, not only will you get a great deal, you will also make  your hotel or resort stand out from the rest.  Environmentally Friendly customers really look for businesses that use products that can be labeled "green" and carry the Energy Star rating requirements as well. Advertising your business as an environmentally friendly and "green" hotel can also add more ways to differentiate your product or service from the rest of the competition. See the Energy Star web page for information on Gaco Western S-2000 roof coating ratings, the most popular and best warrantied roof coating system in the Myrtle Beach area:

Also check out the Energy Star federal tax credits for commercial properties at and for residential properties at .

With increase in tourism to the Myrtle Beach area, quantitative easing by the Fed will also help rental home investors maximize their investments as well. With tax credits paying for some of the initial investment cost in many "green" and Energy Star rated roofing products. Energy Star rated roofing products help lower the cost of energy bills in addition to being more durable.  Standing seam metal roof systems is one of the most popular systems for homes in the Myrtle Beach area. Standing seam metal roofs not only help with energy efficiency for the home, they also last 4 times longer than traditional shingle roofs, and less maintenance. Long term investments into roofing will help rental property owners lower roof replacement cost and roof maintenance cost in the future. With most rental property owners taking this approach, it will lead to more profit, and increase long term sustainability of the property as well. Homeowners have an even better incentive to invest in Energy Efficient Home Improvements, as it saves 30% or more to use Energy Star Rated building products in the home versus traditional building products. Long term savings on energy bills benefits both homeowners and rental property owners a like.

The old rule of thumb in investing is to buy low and sell high. Well products and services haven't been this low in 10 years in the Myrtle Beach area, meaning you are investing at the lowest price in the labor market as well. As labor rates will rise with increased demand, investments into your properties will be better to do sooner than later now, helping to maximize long term payback rates of investing in Energy Star rated building products.

MBS & Co. specializes in repairing, replacing, and installing energy efficient roofing systems in the Myrtle Beach, SC area. With their owner Daniel Sullivan having 20 years experience in commercial roofing and residential roofing business, he has strived to find the best and most energy efficient products for the Myrtle Beach area, at the most affordable prices for Myrtle Beach hotels, businesses, and home owners.  If your a business or homeowner in the Myrtle Beach area in the market for a more energy efficient roofing system, at half the cost of traditional roof replacements, then call Dan today at 706-951-0158. Dan can give you free roof inspection and roofing service estimate on your home or business. 

We hope this article has been helpful in helping to keep our fellow local businesses informed of the newest products and news related to the building markets in the coastal Carolina area. Visit our website for more information at:

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