Monday, October 03, 2005

Based Business Home Home Opportunit Work

Have you read the title?, that's exactly what I typed into a search engine early in 2004, "based business home home opportunit work". I can't tell you the exact day it happened but I can tell you what frame of mind I was in, I believe now that I had gone beyond a point of desperation as I bashed the keyboard blindly - I didn't really care what I typed...

Wanting to work from home isn't as easy as it sounds, I had tried so many different things - all ending in disappointment and a terrible feeling of wasted time and money.

Based business home home opportunit work... doesn't that sound like I was serious, that I wanted a really solid work from home opportunity that I could positively direct my time and energy, even if it was part-time - and become successful enough to at least pay the rent!

On the one hand I had heard of all the people who got burnt on the web and on the other - there are just so many sites promising such successes - I remember thinking that if I see one more red Porche on a web site - that's it!.

In August, 2004 - I found a Web site that didn't have a red Porche on it, there wasn't anyone standing in front of a huge house and they weren't promising me that I would be a millionare like them in next to no time...

This Web site promised me that hard work and dedication would pay off, but I would have to put my time and energy into my own project and work away at it over time to make it a success!.

Well, they had me intrigued, everyone else was promising so much for nothing down but money - and here was someone promising me success and the main investment would be my time, part-time - full-time... that would be up to me!

So, I dug in deeper and found out that they wanted to give me a course, and then I found out that the course was free - I could download it - study it and then decide what I wanted to do - no obligation at all.

Well, they had me hooked in the first chapter - and now I am having the time of my life - no more banging "based business home home opportunit work", or such like into the search engines, I am too busy building a life for myself working from home.

My Web site is about Home Improvement and Financing - a subject that I really enjoy and am passionate about and you should only write about something that really really interests you. I love doing home improvement projects and I love working with wood, hey but that's just me!.

If you have had enough of get rich quick schemes that promise the world and want to build something really substantial for your future then I suggest that you stop letting others waste your time and find out how to Make Your Own Web Site when you have read this article - look out for the free masters courses - I started with the "Affiliates Masters Course" - it's free and amazing information.

Now, I'm not rich - but I am steadily finding my way - with the best information and support available on the web and the best forum - full of people building their own futures just like me - and all there to help each other move forward.

Winter nights are drawing in earlier - it's the perfect time to start something that could potentially change the way you live, not a pie in the sky - but a real honest work from home project of your own - and this time next year you could be telling your own story, trying to pass on your good fortune to someone else in the form of the RIGHT information.

You don't have to feel frustrated any longer - remember me! "based business home home opportunit work!" - there are people out there who not only are able to - but want to give you the help and direction to help make your home based business a success.

To your success building your future...
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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Home Improvement Online Projects

If you are looking for home improvement online projects to help guide you through your home improvement planning, building and finishing - then finding your information source just got quicker and easier.

Home Improvement and just opened the door on all their FREE PLANS and "How To" information so that you can easily access them from any page of this "big on content" Home Improvement online Web site.

The "How To" button in the left navigation bar of this Web site takes you to an ever-growing list of free information that is available to anyone looking for home improvement online projects, plans, advice and tips.

The amount of information given is great for any diy, home improvement enthusiast - you can find out how to make the most of your home and what you need to turn your improvements into investments if you are thinking of doing:

  • A Kitchen Makeover
  • Updating your Bathroom
  • Building a Deck
  • Assessing your Attic for Conversion
  • Want to build a Full Loft Bed
  • How to Build Pergolas
  • Step by Step - Home Maintenance
  • AND a great BONUS "How To"

Most of these articles have photographs to help explain each step and many are accompanied by detailed drawings for a better understanding of how to make your improvements the right way - keeping in mind that "if it doesn't come up to code, it hasn't a chance of adding value to your home"...

Home Improvement Online Projects is meeting the challenge of getting the information you are looking for to you faster so that you can get on with realising your plans and breaking ground.

There is also the opportunity for you to have your say... write about your own experiences - good or bad - and have your article published on the home improvement and financing web site - credited to you - or anon - as you wish!.

You can help people from all around the world by contributing to home improvement online projects - by making your knowledge available to those who are just starting planning and by helping them to achieve success through your shared experiences.

Here is the link that will get you to all that free home improvement information AND near the bottom of the page you will have the chance to "Have Your Say" - all here at Home Improvement Online Projects

All the Best In Building with Home Improvement Online Projects...
Invest in Your Nest...
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    Tuesday, September 27, 2005

    Home Show in October

    If you are looking for a home show in October... it's an exciting month and the home show list we provide our readers is endless.

    This is one of the most exciting months to be able to find a great quality home improvement show, specialist log and timber frame home shows, general remodeling, design and decorating and garden shows.

    It's well worth the effort to set out and visit a home near you for the chance to be able to talk face to face with professionals for ideas and advice on new materials and best building methods for your diy home improvement projects.

    It's also a fantastic opportunity to be able to find qualified and certified contractors who will be able to do work for you to help you improve the quality of life your home gives you and help increase it's value.

    Our extensive list gives details and contact links for more information on home shows on both sides of the Atlantic - with some of the very best home shows in the US and UK.

    Please use the internet links or telephone numbers that we provide to confirm details before you set out for your home show in October.

    Often the home show websites also provide money off coupons for the entrance price for their specific home show - and also details on parking - if it is free or if there is a charge.

    Our list is available for you here at Home Show in October to help you plan you home show outings. You will also find a link at the end of the list to our main home show page which has links to other home show months - and tips and ideas on how to survive a home show in october.

    The fall is thankfully a busy time for home shows where you can gather all the information and contacts to help make your home improvement project a success.

    Enjoy your home show in October...
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    Sunday, September 25, 2005


    Pergolas are wonderful constructions that can totally change the look of your home and change the way you use your outdoor living space. If you are thinking about adding a pergola to your home, then don't hold back... it's a great idea!

    There is little that can have so much positive impact and at the same time be such an easy build than an esthetically appealing, typically flat roofed wooden pergola.

    A deck or a patio area outside your home provides you with some good clean ground or above ground space where you and your family can sit out and enjoy the garden in full bloom in the sunshine.

    If you want to use your outdoor living space for more than just sitting in the sun then you need to provide your patio of deck area with some sort of shade shelter.

    Nothing can be adapted so easily to the many different types of architecture of different styles of homes than a pergola.

    Plain designed pergolas with straight cut beam and rafter ends, show well against a more modern home and are often painted to suit the environment. Green, amber and purple are popular colors and tones of colors that can work well linking the home and the garden.

    More ornate pergolas, with beautifully crafted beams give an elegent shade shelter to country style homes, these wooden pergolas are built using wood that has been sealed and even tone tinted - where you protect the wood and still enjoy the attractive grain.

    The simplicity of the design of pergolas means an enourmous amount of flexibility of size, height and placement. An original pergola structure can be expanded down to another level and even be built to provide shade for your car.

    A pergola gives a different dimension to your outdoor living space with climbing plants and hanging baskets - and can become an oasis garden room where you can relax and enjoy the view.

    Find out how you can build your own pergolas and how you can make an individual design statement by adding your own carving ideas to beams and rafters ends.

    How you can create a pergola open to the stars... or use a variety of materials to provide more shade from the sun, we have the articles and pergola pictures that give you the ideas.

    As far as the design of pergolas go, the world is your oyster - when you understand the many building options and basics of How to Build Pergolas with our series of articles and including our Free Pergola Plans.

    But please remember - as always, your safety is more important than your project, know your power tools and always wear and use your safety equipment.

    Invest in your Nest and enjoy building Pergolas !

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    Sunday, August 21, 2005

    Home Show in September

    Visiting a home show in September can put you in touch with not only new products and techniques but also home improvement experts and professionals who often ready to demonstrate the success of their product or service right in front of you at the home show.

    There is no shortage of home show in September events, the good folks in the home show and home improvement industry have been busy preparing over the summer months to the build up of excitement that precludes one of the busiest home show months in the fall.

    Preparing and setting up for any of the home show in September locations takes time and effort to help bring you up to date with all the options available to help you get whatever project you are working on around your home - done in the best and easiest way possible.

    All you have to do in prepare yourself for the day out - with comfortable shoes - and drink plenty of water throughout the day and you are guaranteed to return home with great new ideas to help you make to most of your home.

    Whether you are planning home improvement projects to improve the quality of your home life or to improve the value of your home... (and the best projects do both!) events like a home show in September are an invaluable opportunity to help you make the most of the time and money you spend when you "Invest in your Nest".

    We have a very extensive FREE list of different home improvement shows from around the world available for you at our "Information" Web site, so whether you are looking for an event in Miami, Bournemouth - England, or even China - you will be able to find the home show in September which is nearest to you.

    We have included a contact Web site address for each event and often a telephone number as well, wherever possible - this is important for you so that you can re-confirm the event and home show schedule before you leave home - and also because there are often special discount coupons available online with regards to the addmission price for such events - you can see our full list here at Home Improvement Show in September

    It's also important to get detailed information about the Home Show Exhibitors, to make sure that it is about home improvements and remodeling and not just about furniture - of course it all depends what you are looking for! - you may well be looking for decking furniture!.

    It's also vital to confirm the opening days - find out the opening hours, if there is parking available and if so - if it is Free and very importantly - if events have wheelchair access - as most do.

    You can save both time and money by visiting a home show in September, simply by getting expert advice and learning about new materials and methods for home improvement projects, and without a doubt some of the best attended exhibitions are ideas for updating the kitchen and for bathroom makeovers and all conversion and home addition projects.

    It makes a great day out - we just love attending a good home show and we sincerely home you enjoy whichever you are lucky enough to be able to attend...

    Home Improvement and
    This informative site has articles, tips, ideas and project plans to help you to enhance and improve your home together with "invest in your nest" advice on Financing options for your Home Improvement Remodeling.

    Thursday, August 18, 2005

    Loft Bed Plan

    Are you looking for the Ultimate Loft Bed Plan? - people around the globe are coming to the end of their summer home improvement projects and if you have been working on a loft conversion you may be wondering how you are going to get a decent sized double bed up into your attic conversion space...

    Even with access complying with local building regulations - as yours should do... it is still very difficult to find a stable full loft bed that will fit "whole" - up into the space.

    Your full size loft bed should compliment your new loft conversion and make this very special new space into a master suite or guest bedroom - any type of camper bed just won't do!.

    The very best way is to find a complete loft bed plan that provides you with all the information you need for an easy to make pine loft bed plan frame that is totally dismountable and can easily be moved in pieces up into your attic conversion space.

    This loft bed plan needs to provide you with a bed that can then be re-assembled in minutes to give you a solid king sized double loft bed - as stable or more so than any shop bought bed.

    The loft bed plan should be so good that the quality of the loft bed you make should be more than good enough for any bedroom in your home - if this is what you are looking for - then we have the loft bed plan for you.

    What we are describing is an easy to make absolutely "free loft bed plan" and it makes up into a very generous full size loft bed. If you want to know how to build a loft bed - we have written five articles giving detailed information that you won't want to miss.

    If you are wondering why a simple loft bed plan needs 5 articles well... basically it is because this project took on a life of it's own for us when we realised that we had 18 step-by-step "how to" photographs and 5 detailed illustrations with all the measurements required - and all this is now ready to share with you.

    Our Loft bed plan is based on a bed we made over 10 years ago, it is made out of pine which can be left with a natural varnished finish or painted to suit the color scheme and decor of your loft conversion.

    We have moved the bed 3 times over the years and it was incredibly quick and easy to manuver and took less than 5 minutes to re-assemble each time.

    This bed is still as strong and stable now as the day it was made all those years ago.

    If you have spent money, time and energy working on a loft conversion - you deserve a loft bed plan which will give you the best night sleep ever in your newly remodeled space.

    And your good nights sleep starts here at Free Loft Bed Plan

    The simple sleek lines of the loft bed plan make it a simple make and have stood the test of time and trends.

    - you can do it yourself or ask someone locally to prepare the wood for you - then it's just a matter of attaching hardware like that detailed in our articles and you will have your own ultimate full loft bed plan...


    Tuesday, July 26, 2005

    Buy Lighting Solar Options

    Buy lighting solar options and brighten up your home and garden, there are now so many different types of solar lamps that you can use to add light and style to your home.

    The benefits to your home if you buy lighting solar options is really incredible, not only will you be able to add solar garden lights to illuminate an entrance or garden pathway but you can also find solar lights that look like stones and can be directed onto your most beautiful foilage to really showcase your garden in the evenings.

    Just imagine if you were entertaining on your deck or patio and you and your guests could all enjoy your garden throughout the night because of strategically placed solar lighting powered by and delivered to you free every night courtesy of the sun.

    But what if you had a problem with mosquito's and insects while you are your family are trying to enjoy a summer barbecue - a simple solution is to hang up a couple of solar killing mosquito lamps dedicated to ridding you of their buzz and their bite.

    Electrical connections to add light to your garden and driveway are expensive apart from adding the cost of the hardware - but when you buy lighting solar options it's a one cost only investment - plus amongst other benefits are:

    • Really really simple and quick installation
    • Maintenance free
    • Environmentally friendly
    • The even work on a cloudy day

    And the good news is that the different types of solar lighting products available has exploded into a wide variety while the price has steadily fallen over the past couple of years.

    Whether your home has a contemporary or rustic look, you will now be able to find and buy lighting solar options to suit your style.

    Whether you prefer Victorian, Art Nouveau or even Art Deco styles you will be able to find a court lamp and a variety of garden lamps to match your period preferences.

    Do you have a pond which turns into a shimmering dark surface at night time!, why not lighten and brighten it up with a flower or orb - floating solar lamp.

    Staring out of your window into the blackness of your garden at night is not much fun - and can be worrying when you hear a noise and can't see what is out there!

    Did you know that you could install solar floodlights or solar powered motion sensors?, floodlights can be notorious in sending your electrical build high - not so with solar floodlights - its a one-off payment and only takes a screwdriver to install!

    And buying lighting solar doesn't have to be as predictable as a garden lamp - you can now find beautifully made ground bricks in numerous tones which fit flush with the surface - whether you want to place them on a pathway of inlaid in decks and patios.

    These ground bricks are certainly not boring either - you could lay all the same light color or choose a different tinted glass for each - to have a rainbow of colors lighting your way.

    If you feel that it is now your turn to GO SOLAR... then buy lighting solar and introduce the worlds cleanest and most economical lighting technology to your home.

    Invest in your nest, by improving lighting and security at your home with a buy lighting solar investment that will improve the quality of your home life.

    Home improvement projects are not all about the old hammer and nail, bricks and cement, buy lighting solar options has got to be the easiest and best home improvement idea on the planet.

    Enjoy becoming more energy independent and light up your life at night.

    Decide Before you Buy Solar Lamp Options
    for more information on the many different types of solar lamps available

    Home Improvement and
    this informative site has articles, tips, ideas and project plans to help you to enhance and improve your home together with "invest in your nest" advice on Financing and Insurance options for your Home Improvement Remodeling.

    Thursday, July 21, 2005

    Staining Deck Options & Method

    If you are looking at staining deck options & methods for quickly and easily applying a transparent deck sealer or staining deck sealer the first consideration is NOT to coat your deck with anything at all under the direct heat and rays of the hot mid-day sun.

    Applying and using staining deck options & method under full sunlight will mean that the liquid will not have the proper time to really absorb well into the wood before it is dried out by the heat.

    The best times would be on a coudy DRY day - or early morning or late afternoon would be ideal to ensure correct absorbtion to really protect your wood but also to give give you a good even finish instead of patches of darker and light coverage.

    The best way to apply staining deck sealer is with a deck sprayer for a quick and more even coverage - always working along the decking boards with the grain of the wood instead of accross boards.

    Safety is important with use of the correct equipment, and leaving the deck adequete time to thoroughly absorb and dry is also important for results.

    The color of your staining deck sealer should blend well with the tone of your home, the neighbourhood and your local environment.

    Wood really does come to life when you apply quality products and will maintain the look you want for over a year before it even starts to fade a little - if your chosen product contains UV protection.

    Find out how best to protect your home improvement and financing deck design investment, get staining deck facts and the applying method here at Staining Deck Options & Method

    Deck builders around the world rejoice in their creation.

    Millions of new decks are build every year - providing extra real outdoor living space for family and friends to enjoy.

    Protect and enjoy your deck design

    We have written numerous free articles with illustrations on deck design and deck building tips as well as other home improvement investment projects to help you improve the value and make the most of your home.
    Home Improvement and

    Wednesday, July 20, 2005

    Deck Beam Options

    Understanding deck beam options before you start to deck building could help save you both time and money. The Deck Beam sits on the solid deck footings that you have prepared and carries the joists - giving support to the surface decking.

    But... do you want to build a "Corner Post Deck" or a "Cantilevered Deck"!, or - does your local building office insist that you place your deck beam directly on top of your deck posts by using post beam caps!

    There are advantages to all these three methods of deck beam positioning in deck building design. The Corner Post Deck is without a doubt the easiest "starter" method but you can't beat the fact that the Cantilevered Deck gives a much better look and finish to your deck design.

    It's always easier to explain the difference with information together with illustrations - take a look at Deck Beam Options to help you decide on a method which will best suit your home and your deck building aspirations.

    To your deck building success!
    Home Improvement and

    Monday, July 18, 2005

    Deck Design Patterns

    Viewing deck design patterns has many advantages while you are planning your deck building strategies. If you want a challenge for your first deck experience or if you have already built a basic straight design deck in the past -you may now want to learn more about deck design patterns options .

    Lets have a look at the main differences between building a standard deck - perpendicular to the ledger - and doing a more complicated pattern:

    • For the base frame under structure of your deck you have to add double joists, blocking (noggins) and/or additional joists spaced closer together.

    • You will have to cut many more decking boards to size

    • This means that you will have to spend more on materials

    • And devote more of your time to the actual deck construction

    Is is worth it you may be thinking!, well we believe so, the stunning effects of some of these deck design patterns really help to create an individual deck design to enhance your home and be really proud of.

    Laying decking boards is the really exciting part where your dream deck plan becomes a reality, when using more advanced deck design patterns you will be making much more use of your power meter box, a handy home improvement tool that will help you cut boards to length and at the right angle to follow your choosen deck design pattern.

    There really isn't anything like illustrations to make the different options really clear and help you choose which deck building method will be right for both your home and your skills - so first of all - take a look at my favourite elaborate deck design - know as the Diamond Weave Decking Pattern

    This article has an illustration showing why you will need to include a double joist cross in the center of your base frame structure.

    I'll be back tomorrow with more deck design patterns options for you...

    Until then - enjoy your deck design
    Home Improvement and

      Tuesday, July 12, 2005

      Free Deck Plan

      Have you been looking for a free deck plan?, you might have discovered that most of the plans available are only as good as the information and details they give you on how to actually put the plan into action for your deck construction.

      Well we have decided to spill the beans and have just included a free deck plan article to our home improvement and financing "deck design" portfolio. What is important about this article - especially for anyone who is looking for a good basic deck plan with which to enhance their home - is that we have included a couple of plans and numerous detailed illustrations and explanations on how the deck should actually be put together.

      Once you understand the basics of deck building as explained in this article, it will help you to go on and design and build your own deck in time for this summer.

      Find out how high or how deep your deck should be to suit your needs and your home, our top tips at the end of the article will help you to build a long lasting deck.

      Here it is - hot off the press - Your Free Deck Plans

      Enjoy your Deck Building Success
      Arpad & Susan
      Home Improvement and

      Wednesday, July 06, 2005

      Deck Constuction

      We had such a great response from deck construction visitors to Home Improvement and regarding a recent article we published on "Deck Building Footings Options", especially regarding the illustrations which helped clarify the different deck foundation methods, and hopefully highlighted the real benefits to the build and the better chances of increasing property value with a well executed deck construction by properly cementing in the footings.

      However, many wrote to us with questions about the very first step in deck construction..., what is the best way to actually dig the holes for the post footings. Digging enough holes and digging every single one deep enough to reach below the frost line of the soil seemed like such a back breaking first step task that it was actually putting people off starting their deck construction project altogether.

      So, along the lines of the other well received article: Deck Building Footings Options, we got busy again with our Corel Draw software to create more illustrations to help make the point that digging MANY narrow - deep holes in preperation for using an 8" cement tube to be filled with cement to create solid foundations - can be made easier by using the right tools and equipment to help make light work of this messy first step in deck construction.

      This article has just been posted on and is now available to you - find out what the tools and equipment available are and how to more easily get over the digging part so that you can get on with the more enjoyable part of deck construction - actually putting the wood together and creating your very own deck design - it's here at Deck Construction - Digging Holes for Post Footings

      Please tell any friends or family who are planning to build a deck construction this summer, that publishes articles on deck design and deck construction with a view to helping people around the world to accomplish correct deck building to improve the quality of their home life with the excellent entertaining space an attractive deck provides AND (if done properly!), also improve the value of their homes.

      Enjoy the article...
      To Your Deck Construction Success!
      Home Improvement and

      Wednesday, June 29, 2005

      Home Improvement Web Site

      I was helping a friend over the weekend to finish laying decking boards, after, we put a frame together to make a lattice barrier for plants to grow up - this is when it happened, I was holding two pieces of wood in place and he had the hammer - we were busy talking about a home improvement web site and how he was thinking about writing one when... Wham! the hammer went down and he hit my finger nail instead of the nail... ooch!

      A bucket full of ice was the only thing I could stand for the first couple of hours, it's not the first time of course - but the pain doesn't get easier. Hammering in nails is a bit like driving, if you are too worried about barriers and cars beside you - you take your eyes off the road!... you get to where you want to go easier if you look ahead to where you want the car to go.

      My mate later explained that he was worried about hitting my finger, so much so that he must have taken his eye off the real nail at the last minute and subconsiously aimed at my finger instead.

      Well, there I was with my finger in ice - he finished off a great looking frame and finally we managed to have our talk about him building a home improvement web site - over a nice cup of tea. I explained to him that I started to build my site - - after I had read a FREE course giving up-to-date information on the easiest way to build a quality information rich web site.

      "FREE" he said, "Yes" I said, totally and without obligation, "Well," he said - "and where can I get my hands on this great information then!", "easy", I said - "just take a look at FREE Affiliate Marketing ebook, follow the easy instructions when you are there to download the quality information and settle yourself down in your comfy chair ready for a great read".

      Well, I haven't seen much of him since, I know he downloaded the ebook and I have heard that there is no talking to him now that he is studying it... I do get the odd call about "have you read this part", "what do I think of that" - hey - I am happy for him and it would be nice to have another good quality home improvement web site out there but the other day he started talking about motor bikes so I am not quite sure which category on the world wide web is going to benefit from his knowledge but I know it will be good.

      If you have an idea for a business or hobby web site of your own... why not download a copy for yourself - it only takes a few minutes, it's in a really easy to read format and actually it's incredibly interesting - its at FREE Affiliate Marketing ebook.

      To your building success
      Home Improvement and

      Friday, June 24, 2005

      Home Improvement Idea

      It's Friday again and a great time for a beer or a glass of wine sitting in your garden (weather permitting!) as you unwind from your busy week. If you haven't decided already - maybe you are talking over what you want to do over the weekend.

      If your conversation turns to a great home improvement idea then grasp the thought and run with it - the feeling of accomplishment you are going to feel when it's back to work on Monday will be well worth the effort you are going to put into the project - however big or small.

      If change is as good as a rest - why not get out into the garden - enjoy the fresh air and get on building that deck design you have been working on. Maybe you will be measuring ground space for your new gazebo or pergola and checking your list of materials before purchasing for your big summer project...

      It's certainly a great time with the summer still ahead to make your own home improvement idea into a reality and hey! a little encouragement can sometimes go a long way. There are financing benefits to some home improvement ideas and quality of life benefits to others - either way you get a great sense of achievement... and that's priceless...

      But, don't forget - it's always - safety first and measure, measure and measure again before you make that unforgiving cut!

      Enjoy building your home improvement idea - and if you are looking for ideas and tips on projects big and small - then I invite you to browse around Home Improvement Ideas and Financing Options to help you find the right project to improve your home.

      Enjoy the weekend
      Home Improvement Ideas and Financing Options

      Wednesday, June 22, 2005

      Deck Building Footings Options

      Millions of us will be busy preparing deck building footings to start our deck design construction this summer - but how many people will be preparing firm foundation for their decking which will help their outdoor construction stand the test of time and add quality of home life with the stability of solid - cemented in - deck building footings.

      It's a myth that it is easier to build a pallet deck design that just sits on concrete blocks than it is to start with inground concrete footings firmly connected to your decking via your decking posts and the J bolt through the post anchor.

      It's much easier to build a deck true and square with carefully measured concrete footings - and end up with a deck to be proud of and that will feel is solid when you entertain on it with a group of people - than to try to stop a free-floating deck from creaking and rocking as the unbolted wood starts to move through the seasons.

      Build a deck design that will become an asset to your family and your home by starting with the right Deck Building Footings - this article describes and has illustrations regarding the main 4 decking foundation options, you already know which we prefer so read the article so that you can decide for yourself.

      Wishing you all deck building success...
      Home Improvement and

      Tuesday, June 21, 2005

      Deck Design Idea

      If you are planning to build a deck at your home this summer then a good deck design idea will help you decide where to build and perhaps even how big. One of the wonderful things about a deck design idea is that if you plan carefully you could add on year after year to emcompass a hot tub or decking around a swimming pool.

      One of the first images that comes to mind when thinking about a deck design idea is to build up against your home and a patio deck is very useful and great for parties, but you could also build a free standing ground level deck virtually any where in your garden (permits permitting) - perhaps in a far corner to take advantage of the evening sun on those long summer nights, or to give you a quiet place to sit and read.

      We have written numerous articles regarding deck design, deck railing designs and on choosing your decking timber - and you can reach them all by taking a look at Deck Design Idea

      Enjoy your deck design idea this summer
      Home Improvement and

      Make you own Home Improvement Web site

      Have you ever wanted a Home Improvement Web site of your own or do you have other ideas about the type of web site you would be most interested in. It's possible to create a web site without learning HTML - rather like the way blog writers write blogs by just logging on and writing - would you like a web site along the lines of virtually any theme that you may have some knowledge and interest in.

      If you have never created a Web site before and...
      • want a web site that could become a great web business
      • have a shop with products or services that you want to sell on the web
      • want to create a content rich web site based around a hobby

        Or - if you have a Web site but...
        • it just isn't visible when you look for it in the search engines
        • you hardly get any visitors
        • you are ready to make a second site but want more traffic

        Here is a useful article that could help you whatever your present situation is, take a look at this Make Your Own Web Site Information to find out what is the easiest way to get you started, one of the best parts is reading about other peoples experiences.

        I built my own web site and now I am able to work from my home surrounded by all five of my dogs, I am not alone - my partner also works from our home and you can too - it really can be a life changing experience, it's certainly improved the quality of our lives.

        You could write about Kitchens, Bathrooms, Gardening, Travel, Bowling - whatever truly interests you, anyway it's easier to decide with the step-by-step guide book. Just don't leave it any longer, build and create your own web site this year in 2005 and by doing it the right way you could be creating a successful business for yourself.

        Wishing you web site success
        Home Improvement and

        Gutter Cleaning - in 4 easy FUN steps

        Gutter cleaning has been on my mind, I know I have urged folks to get this sometimes messy job done and out of the way earlier this year - but I also know that it is one of those tasks that keeps getting put off.

        To help inspire you to clean out and prepare your gutters so that they never become such a big problem again I have prepared an easy to follow step-by-step guide - using fun gadgets - to help you get the job done.

        If you could clean out your gutters now in minutes with the fast action of a gutter pump and if you then installed an easy snap-on gutter screen or gutter cover - your life of gutter cleaning would be virtually over.

        Your 4 easy steps to an easier gutter cleaning life is here at Gutter Cleaning Guide

        Don't let this develop into a problem with green mold developing down the side of your walls and the inside smelling of damp, protect your home and your health by unclogging your gutters today.

        "Invest in your Nest" with clever Home Improvements and good Home Maintenance.

        Home Improvement and
        Home Improve E-zine

        Too ill to Home Improve too sick to blog

        I have just recovered from a heavy early summer flu and I hope that's it for this year and thank goodness I wasn't right in the middle of a big home improvement project at the time... - it reminded me of another time when I wasn't so lucky and I can tell you that...

        • it felt a relief to have a "Home Equity Line of Credit" as my home improvement financing. Like now, there was very little fluctuation on the rates side of things and while I was ill I wasn't paying for funds that I had organised but not yet used. You can read more here about The Advantages of a Home Equity Line of Credit
        • and the other important factor was of course having a good home improvement cover in the form of insurance cover for me. for my project, including materials and cover for the loan I had taken out for the home improvement project. If you are having work done on your home you may need to boost your Homeowner Insurance Cover to make sure you are totally covered for liability.
        • what this all meant was that I could relax and very nearly enjoy my cold until it's painful end without undue anxiety or worry.

        It's great to start a new project with energy and enthusiasm but the truth is we never know when something unfortunate might happen, be it an onsite injury or an everyday flu bug like mine. We need to take the time to recover and regain our strength before we lift up the hammer and nails again.

        Contingency plans are important for all home improvement projects - big and small - If you are doing a project by yourself - please remember that your health and safety should always come first. If you have employed a contractor it's important to make sure that anyone working at your home has the proper license and health and safety certificates. You can get more information here on Home Improvement Contractors

        Until next time - keep taking the vitamins and...

        Wishing you all great home improvement success

        "Invest in your Nest in 2005"
        Home Improvement and

          Thursday, June 02, 2005

          Home Improvement Projects

          Holidays are a great time to recharge your batteries and talk over home improvement projects, even short breaks can give you the opportunity to visit family and friends and invariably talk turns to what plans we each have for this summer.

          It's an exciting time, the summer is still ahead and you face the possibility that in a few months you could create much more living space for you and your family by expanding your existing home.

          There are so many great home improvement projects, the kitchen however is still the number one project, but not just as a refurbishement of the existing space but completely opeing up or even expanding out to create dream kitchens with family dining and living space.

          The kitchen is often one of the easiest rooms to extend simply because the majority are at the rear of the property overlooking the backgarden. Planning is usually easier for this same reason as work is done out of sight of and doesn't alter the look of the home from the street.

          If you haven't visited someone in a while you may be pleasantly surprised to find that they have built themselves a new master bedroom with en-suite as an attic conversion or maybe they have developed their basement into a home office or playroom for the children.

          When you approach a home for the first time in a while you may not even notice that an extension has been built on to the side or over the garage, especially if it has been built sympathetically by using bricks and building techniques matching the exisiting property.

          If you are looking for ideas for home improvement projects and want a better idea about which improvements could improve the value to your home and which are done mainly to improve quality of home life - take a look at a whole load of free information articles on different aspects of home improvement projects and home improvement financing at Home Improvement

          "Invest in your Nest", take the plunge in 2005 so that you can enjoy life in your own dream home, you know that old Irish saying? "You Can't Plough a Field by Turning it Over in your Mind..."

          To your Building Success
          Arpad from

          Home Improvement

          Thursday, May 26, 2005

          Home Equity Line of Credit

          Definitly the best way to finance all larger home improvement projects is with a Home Equity Line of Credit, in my opinion the advantages out-weigh any slight fluctuations in interest rates.

          If you are planning to add an addition to your home, extend and install a new design kitchen or do an attic conversion, loft conversion or develop your basement the home equity line of credit will work well for you.

          If you are planning, like thousands of people around the world, to have built a multi-level deck outside your home and perhaps extend to building deck around your pool, the home equity line of credit is the best way to go.

          Discover the advantages for yourself of a Home Equity Line of Credit and start planning your home improvement financing the easier way.

          Wishing you all Home Financing Success!
          Home Improvement and

          Home Improve E-zine

          Tuesday, May 10, 2005

          Home Improvement Loan

          Many of us are now busy applying for permits and a home improvement loan. Spring is melting into Summer and this is the time of year when we are getting permits in and trying to source the best contractors for the job before they are all booked up for the summer.

          It is also the time when as our plans come together to the extent that we can push forward to secure the best home improvement loan available for our individual situations. A home equity loan is the most popular way of financing home improvement projects but it is by no means the only way, take a look at Home Improvement Financing Options to help you decide, this article also leads onto other articles which go into further details on the different types of home improvement loan available to us today.

          Once you have the right home improvement loan in place - plus your permits and the best contractor and you are half way there!

          Best Building wishes
          Home Improvement and

          Home Improvement Catalog

          Looking for a brilliant home improvement catalog to help you source materials and tools for your home improvement project or the right deck furniture or sunroom furniture for your new construction!.

          We have an interesting article for you if you have not gone down the road of online home improvement catalog shopping before. We outline the true benefits including of course the convenience of shopping from home and the immediacy or ordering and receiving your items with free next day deliveries so as not to hold up your valuable time getting on with your project. You can read about the benefits of a home improvement catalog here at Home Improvement Catalog

          We ploughed through hundreds of online catalog sites which included web sites, books, booklets and the really brilliant new Interactive Online Home Improvement Catalogs where you can actually flip through the pages and enlarge pictures and information of interest. We were looking to compile a list of the very best...

          The article it is just out and ready for you to read now - the TOP Home Improvement Catalogs on the Web with our own insight into the products and special services and great deals each has available all in one handy list.

          This is a valuable article which would be useful to add to your list of favourites and have handy when you need to source items quickly for your home improvement project, here it is at Home Improvement Catalog REVIEW

          Make the most of your home improvement catalog
          Best Building wishes
          Home Improvement and

          Monday, May 02, 2005

          Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

          The modern Bathroom Vanity Cabinet is all glass and metal, it's not the first image that comes to mind when thinking about bathroom vanities but actually the effect can be stunning, amongst others, a couple of benefits are reflecting light brightens your bathroom and they are so easy to clean and they just don't seem to take up as much space as the solid wood vanity.

          Toughened glass can be ordered in virtually any color and shade to compliment your choosen bathroom color scheme, even blue or pink!... the shine of the rust proof tubular aluminium supports help bounce light around your room giving you a chic and up-to-date piece of bathroom furniture .

          If you want to take a look at ideas for different designs, styles, materials and finishes take a look here at Bathroom Vanity Cabinet to help you decide which finish would be right for your home.

          Invest in your Nest...

          Home Improvement and

          Keep ahead of your home improvement projects
          with a FREE subscription to Home Improve E-zine

          Bathroom Vanities

          Bathroom Vanities are such a great way of adding character and essential storage to your bathroom that it is one of the most popular additions to the bathroom accessories list.

          Choosing the right design for your home is however not as easy as it once was... purely because of the wide range of styles ans sizes available today.

          To get a clearer picture of the type of bathroom vanity and the different accessories you can opt for - if you want your new bathroom furniture with or without legs, with or without a basin or matching mirror, take a look here at Bathroom Vanities

          Your vanity is one of the most enjoyable purchase you will make for your home as part of any remodeling or home improvement project. A well placed beautiful vanity will grace any home.

          Invest in your Nest...


          Home Improvement and

          Make your home improvement experience easier with a FREE subscription to Home Improve E-zine

          Friday, April 29, 2005

          Wood Deck Design

          Discover why preparing proper foundations for your wood deck design is the only way to build a ground level deck and how it will benefit you and your home.

          Realize your dream this year by building your very own wood deck design - one of the TOP home improvement projects this summer - and be proud of your achievements by starting your project the right way.

          A wood deck design is the quickest and easiest way to update your home and take advantage of your outdoor living space - and if you start planning now you could have your deck ready for those lovely hot summer evenings.

          Find out now how permits will help you, why anchoring your wood design deck is so important and how easy it is to get your anchor ledger, concrete footings and post anchors in place, level and square - to build a Wood Deck Design Success

          Here's to your deck inauguration party this summer...
          Home Improvement and

          Bathroom Shower Curtain

          When is a bathroom shower curtain more than just a curtain! - well, when it becomes an integral part of your bathroom remodeling and an asset to your bathroom accessory theme, but it can be more than that if you choose the right material that is going to do what it is supposed to do and not stick to you when you are in the shower.

          Treat yourself to a classic chic design Bathroom Shower Curtain of a material that will work for you - that you can throw in the washing mashine and freshen up like new whenever you need to - AND why not change it when washing day comes with one of a vast range of very amusing off beat shower curtain designs available today!...

          To give you some bathroom design ideas to help you decide which new look is going to be right to especially personalize your bathroom take a look at some Bathroom Colors and bathroom suggestions for both chic adult and fun family orientated themes to work with the bathroom shower curtain you choose...

          We just love great innovative bathroom design ideas!
          Home Improvement and
          We are an information - home improvement tips and ideas website here to help you...

          Saturday, April 23, 2005

          Deck Railing Designs

          Personalise your deck with unique Deck Railing Designs, a wonderful way to individualize your deck design. Many materials are now available to help you create your own special look.

          You can take a look at drawing for ideas and material options here at Deck Railing Designs

          Traditional wood, metal or glass balusters - discover the benefits of using different materials to enhance your deck railing designs and complete your deck design project with that extra special touch.

          Happy Decks
          Home Improvement and

          Loft Conversion

          We love Loft Conversion projects so when Martin Meaks of the English planning approval office wrote an article on " A Loft Conversion in UK Properties we just knew that we just had to bring it to your attention.

          He asks the question - "Do They Add Value?", the question that all homeowners with an undeveloped loft are asking themselves. Find out if your loft could become your new double bedroom with en-suite or your home office or simply a useful space where you could set up your train set here at Loft Conversion

          Get an insight into planning permits, what you can do and what you should do to make your loft conversion a success for your home and a great investment for your future.

          There's money in that there loft..., is there money in yours?
          Home Improvement and

          Home Mortgage

          If you bought your home mortage quite a while ago and are wondering if there is a way to improve your circumstances by reducing your repayment rates - maybe to free up some cash to be able to do some home improvements or go on holiday then perhaps a quick refresher on present day home mortgage tems will give you a great start.

          Did someone mention to you the other day about the BiWeekly Mortgage and it's benefits and you wanted to know the full story...

          Find out about the Jumbo or Interest Only home mortgage, our article goes into 18 of the most common ones and their uses. Making a change now could save you thousands but you'll never know until you take a good new look at your Home Mortgage

          Make your home mortgage work for you...
          Home Improvement and

          Swimming Pool

          Have you ever wondered if the luxury of installing a swimming pool in your garden will actually improve the value of your home, improve it's saleability or just simply improve the quality of your home life then we have the article just for you.

          Should you invest in a swimming pool, which type would you choose - tiled or mold, where would you build it - outdoor or indoor, how would you keep your swimming pool heated so that you could use it all year round, these are all important factors to making the installation of a swimming pool at your home a success.

          Find out the benefits of an inground swimming pool and an aboveground system, and what other considerations you need to plan for as you decide to take on this wonderful home improvement project - take a look here at Swimming Pool

          Have a great swim
          Home Improvement and

          Tuesday, April 19, 2005

          Home Improvement Projects

          I have been analysing home improvement projects statistics over the last few months based on what information visitors to Home Improvement and are really looking for... and I have come to the conclusion that, however much I like talking about attic conversions and basement remodeling, this year appears to be about three main home improvement projects:- Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling and Building Deck Designs, to this end we are going to go deeper and give our visitors more of what they really want.

          Our latest contribution, 'hot off the press', is especially for readers investing in a new kitchen this year, here you can read more about Kitchen Remodeling.

          Best Building Wishes
          Home Improvement and

          Monday, April 11, 2005

          Home Improvement Tips

          Home Improvement Tips can save you time and money, valuable comodities when you are improving your home. If you are in the middle of planning home improvement for this summer - to improve the value of your home or simply to improve the comfort and usefulness of the different spaces in your home - you are going through a process and there is a right way and an easier way to help you survive it all.

          In our monthly Home Improvement newsletter we try to list month by month the different stages we might all be experiencing as we work to make out dreams come true. There just might be something there that helps reminds you to get a job done to make the whole remodeling and building go smoother as you proceed through the summer.

          This month's special project article is our home improvement tips on how to evaluate your home for an Attic Conversion - PLUS - a smaller but vital job you must do about your home now as part of your spring home maintenance.

          Don't miss the Home Shows still to come during the remainder of April and our full list for home improvement shows in May, there are so many... and all around the world, the advantages of a Home Show are tremendous, head to head with experts and the latest tools and equipment you will get all the help and advice direct from the professionals at the show.

          The next issue of our on-line magazine is coming out on the 15th April, so hope you enjoy our efforts in this months Home Improvement E-zine - it's yours totally F*R*E*E so make sure you get your copy here at Home Improve E-Zine after you subscribe you will recieve an e-mail message from us where you will have to confirm your subscription to make sure your copy comes straight to you - full of home improvement tips - every month.

          All best building wishes
          Home Improvement and Financing

          Sunday, April 03, 2005

          Solar Attic Fan

          You may have dreamed of a solar attic fan everytime you have climbed into your attic and found hot, dusty air trapped up there. A really economical way to get a good fresh air flow to cool down your attic in the summer and reduce condensation in the winter is to instal ventillation, and there is nothing more economical than the once only cost of a solar attic fan.

          You buy it - you instal it and that's it. No wiring to worry about, no power is required so your bills don't go up and best of all, as it helps keep you attic cool in the summer and takes out all that build up of hot air - you air conditioning machines don't have to work so hard and you might well see a reduction in your monthly cooling cost.

          For a converted or unconverted attic the solar attic fan is the answer, it will help prevent moisture build-up through condensation and you will have less problems with wood rot and mold in your rafters. You can read the full story here at Solar Attic Fan

          A solar fan can be install in many places including a sunroom, workshop, barn and garage, and best of all the sun takes care of the cost...

          Susan from Home Improvement and

          Subscribe to the April issue of "Home Improve E-zine"

          Attic Conversion

          By popular demand I have just added a new page to our home improvement website about attic conversions. This sounds like it is really going to be a popular home improvement remodeling project for spring - summer 2005. You can take a look at this article - which is especially to help you evaluate your attic for its conversion potential - here at Evaluate your home for an Attic Conversion.

          Converting your attic does of course require you bring in the professionals after you have had your initial look, they will guide you through what needs to be done to make and maintain a structurally safe conversion which is what you and your local planning office will want.

          Attic conversion is an exciting project and you will all enjoy the results

          Arpad from Home Improvement and

          Tuesday, March 29, 2005

          Outdoor Deck Design

          An outdoor deck design can be flexible, did you know that you can add on year after year to any deck you make as long as you start with solid foundations. If you decide to start with the conventional rectangular deck to step onto out of your back door you could plan a much bigger project with your deck design software and build up your outdoor deck design in stages over time. A rectangular deck could later expand to include decking around your hot tub and then extended to surround your swimming pool. Expand the other way to include an outdoor dining and BBQ area with a pergola (want ideas! see pergola photos here - Gazebos and Pergolas

          A multi-level deck requires precise planning and design with professional assistance, for all shapes and sizes of ground level decks, it's a lot of fun to design your own bespoke deck design on your deck design software, if you haven't got your software yet you can read our review here at Deck Design Software to help you decide - it's going to be a wonderful summer to spend evenings on your wonderful outdoor deck design.

          Arpad from Home Improvement and

          Sunday, March 27, 2005

          Home Improvement Tips, when to use a nail instead of a scew!

          Anyone got any ideas on this debate... Well we would nearly always use screws over nails for every home improvement or home remodeling job that comes to mind except perhaps one...

          We always use nails to settle roof tiles, just a few taps with a tack nail and they are in place, the real advantage of using the nail is discovered however on the day that you have to carefully try to take tiles off or if you want to replace one without disturbing the others, it's difficult to get screws out without ripping up the tile whereas a nail, with a bit of effort, will lift out leaving you with a roofing tile that you can use again another day!

          The nail gun is fast and easy to use... but you still can't beat the screw, its worth the effort to place screws properly for the strength of finish, durability and longevity they give you.

          Home Improvement and

          Loft Conversion / Attic Conversion

          If you are planning to convert your attic into viable living space this summer you may be interested to know that we are running a series of articles in both our April issue of Home Improve E-zine which you can subscribe to here at Home Improve E-Zine, and on our home improvement website at Home Improvement and

          We all want more space to meet our needs in 2005 and the attic can be comfortably converted to provide you with a home office, en-suite master bedroom, guest room or even a play room for you, they are not just for kids...

          But there are a few important factors to take into consideration when assessing your attic or loft to see if it is viable for conversion or if you really would have to raise the roof to get the job done or lose a box room to create enough space for access to your attic loft that complies with building rules...

          It's going to be exciting so make sure you subscribe in time for the april issue and we will also let you know everytime we publish NEW related attic loft articles on our website.

          Build you dreams come true in 2005
          Home Improvement and

          Tuesday, March 22, 2005

          Deck Design Software

          Deck design Software packages can be bought for 20 dollars and upto and over 200 dollars, they are specific to help you design your own deck and most come with the ability to make up a shopping list of the materials that you are going to need for your deck design.

          If you are planning to build a deck for this summer, 2005, are you in effect planning to build a big pallet to sit on top of the ground or are you going to cement in foundation posts to give you a good base to build from. One of the nicest outcomes of a deck building project is that you can continuously build on it year after year, but this will only really work well if you start with good solid foundations.

          To help you choose, you can read a review of the latest deck design software here at Deck Design Software, you can also follow the links on that page to read articles on deck design and decking timber and find a useful deck dictionary of terms.

          There are companies who will partially build for you, doing the vital part of foundation and frame building up so that you can place the boards yourself in your own time, this is a cheaper option than paying for a full deck installation but with the guarantee that the foundations are good and strong AND you get the feel good factor of having done some of the work yourself.

          Wouldn't it be great to enjoy this summer on your own deck!
          Arpad from Home Improvement and

          Thursday, March 17, 2005

          Basement Remodeling

          Basement remodeling is going to be very big this year, 2005
          as more of us are reaching to make full use of every undeveloped
          nook and cranny in our homes.

          One of the biggest issues emerging is that homes are not equiped
          with real home office space & that the squashed little area under the
          stairs will no longer suffice for the extent of time spent and work to
          be done from the rapidly growing work at home adults worldwide.

          Homeowners are looking up and looking down and the basement
          and attic/loft spaces are fair game as home offices. However a
          basement with natural lighting (and no damp) has a clear advantage
          over the attic/loft area IF it has direct access, i.e. visitors do not
          have to tramp through the whole house.

          Bottom line is... if you have a basement like that and you work from
          home you could be in a very very lucky and enviable position if you
          develop it into a real open planned work area...

          Enjoy discovering your basement
          Arpad from Home Improvement and
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          trends, tips & articles here: Home Improve E-zine

          Tuesday, March 15, 2005

          My first post has got to be a warm welcome to everyone, especially those who have caught the home improvement bug. I have just started a newsletter called Home Improve E-Zine and thought that I should join everyone else and start blogging as well.

          Home Improve E-Zine
          In Home Improve E-Zine you will find articles to help you plan your home improvement project in 2005, also ideas to help you evaluate your home to find the best project to improve your homes value and your family's quality of home life, together with Home Show information and links for March and April. (if you missed the March issue, back issues are available at the website link below)

          Our Aim
          The aim of this blog is to develop an exchange of home improvement tips and advice to help each other accomplish our home remodeling projects this year, 2005. One massive advantage of a home improve blog is that we can write in for help and see if someone out there knows different methods of solving home improvement challenges.

          A Basement Question:
          To start the ball rolling I would like to ask: if you have developed your basement, what product did you use to damp-proof the walls and how pleased are you with the outcome, especially if the improvement has gone through and survived a winter. Did you for example: paint on a masonry waterproofer or did you install plastic sheeting?. I think that it is a question that may help many people get started on a very worthwhile project for this summer 2005.

          Look forward to hearing from you
          Arpad from

          and here is a link to that home improve e-zine to make it easier for you to subscribe:

          Sunday, February 20, 2005

          First Welcome

          This blog is designed to act as an enhancement to my web site,

          When I created, I put there all the information I was constantly and repeatedly faxing clients in the days before web sites and blogs.

          Ever since was first published I have received questions from visitors on subjects or details that are not addressed on my site.

          Some of those questions have even prompted me to add pages to my site.

          I have often thought that it would be nice if questions that don't prompt such action, and my answers, were archived for future visitors to read.
          Thus this web log.

          If you have a question you would like me to answer, please comment on this post or another with your question.

          Or send me an email to pderas[AT]

          I will respond as I have time in my busy schedule and others will benefit from our exchange and we will all enrich the web.

          Thanks for visiting and for your questions.
          And enjoy what others have asked...Yours may already be here.

          Peggy Deras, CKD, CID, Kitchen Artworks