Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Deck Constuction

We had such a great response from deck construction visitors to Home Improvement and regarding a recent article we published on "Deck Building Footings Options", especially regarding the illustrations which helped clarify the different deck foundation methods, and hopefully highlighted the real benefits to the build and the better chances of increasing property value with a well executed deck construction by properly cementing in the footings.

However, many wrote to us with questions about the very first step in deck construction..., what is the best way to actually dig the holes for the post footings. Digging enough holes and digging every single one deep enough to reach below the frost line of the soil seemed like such a back breaking first step task that it was actually putting people off starting their deck construction project altogether.

So, along the lines of the other well received article: Deck Building Footings Options, we got busy again with our Corel Draw software to create more illustrations to help make the point that digging MANY narrow - deep holes in preperation for using an 8" cement tube to be filled with cement to create solid foundations - can be made easier by using the right tools and equipment to help make light work of this messy first step in deck construction.

This article has just been posted on and is now available to you - find out what the tools and equipment available are and how to more easily get over the digging part so that you can get on with the more enjoyable part of deck construction - actually putting the wood together and creating your very own deck design - it's here at Deck Construction - Digging Holes for Post Footings

Please tell any friends or family who are planning to build a deck construction this summer, that publishes articles on deck design and deck construction with a view to helping people around the world to accomplish correct deck building to improve the quality of their home life with the excellent entertaining space an attractive deck provides AND (if done properly!), also improve the value of their homes.

Enjoy the article...
To Your Deck Construction Success!
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