Monday, July 18, 2005

Deck Design Patterns

Viewing deck design patterns has many advantages while you are planning your deck building strategies. If you want a challenge for your first deck experience or if you have already built a basic straight design deck in the past -you may now want to learn more about deck design patterns options .

Lets have a look at the main differences between building a standard deck - perpendicular to the ledger - and doing a more complicated pattern:

  • For the base frame under structure of your deck you have to add double joists, blocking (noggins) and/or additional joists spaced closer together.

  • You will have to cut many more decking boards to size

  • This means that you will have to spend more on materials

  • And devote more of your time to the actual deck construction

Is is worth it you may be thinking!, well we believe so, the stunning effects of some of these deck design patterns really help to create an individual deck design to enhance your home and be really proud of.

Laying decking boards is the really exciting part where your dream deck plan becomes a reality, when using more advanced deck design patterns you will be making much more use of your power meter box, a handy home improvement tool that will help you cut boards to length and at the right angle to follow your choosen deck design pattern.

There really isn't anything like illustrations to make the different options really clear and help you choose which deck building method will be right for both your home and your skills - so first of all - take a look at my favourite elaborate deck design - know as the Diamond Weave Decking Pattern

This article has an illustration showing why you will need to include a double joist cross in the center of your base frame structure.

I'll be back tomorrow with more deck design patterns options for you...

Until then - enjoy your deck design
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