Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Deck Building Footings Options

Millions of us will be busy preparing deck building footings to start our deck design construction this summer - but how many people will be preparing firm foundation for their decking which will help their outdoor construction stand the test of time and add quality of home life with the stability of solid - cemented in - deck building footings.

It's a myth that it is easier to build a pallet deck design that just sits on concrete blocks than it is to start with inground concrete footings firmly connected to your decking via your decking posts and the J bolt through the post anchor.

It's much easier to build a deck true and square with carefully measured concrete footings - and end up with a deck to be proud of and that will feel is solid when you entertain on it with a group of people - than to try to stop a free-floating deck from creaking and rocking as the unbolted wood starts to move through the seasons.

Build a deck design that will become an asset to your family and your home by starting with the right Deck Building Footings - this article describes and has illustrations regarding the main 4 decking foundation options, you already know which we prefer so read the article so that you can decide for yourself.

Wishing you all deck building success...
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