Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Refrigerator: Cabinet Depth or Not?

At 08:25 AM 4/7/2004, you wrote:
We are looking for refrigerators.
Do we need to purchase one that is cabinet depth only?
Any other size restrictions I should be aware of?

The plan makes provision for a deeper refrigerator, if you prefer, by optionally building a recess in the stud wall behind to fit the refrigerator back about 3".
That is not enough to make most standard fridges look built-in though, since they are usually 30" or more deep.
We can also cover a deeper model with wider panels on each side, but that doesn't fool anybody. It still will look massive.

With some kitchen plans you absolutely need a cabinet-depth fridge, but with Plan B any depth can be accommodated.

It is most important to get an Energy Star refrigerator to minimize your use of electricity.

I personally like cabinet-depth models because they are shallower and I don't lose things in the back.
The things you can't store are the things that go green and fuzzy or slimy anyway.

I also prefer freezer-on-the-bottom models; although, unfortunately, they don't offer ice & water through the door.

Sone level (noise) should also be an issue you check out since noisy refrigerators are very annoying.
If it's noisy when new it will only get worse as it ages.
Also, don't tolerate a noisy fridge under warranty.
Make 'em fix it.

Interior fitments are also a concern, especially with side-by-side models.
Be sure to choose the model that offers the most flexibility in storage, rather than getting locked in with bins and shelves that are too specific and not flexible.

Glass shelves are nicer to keep clean because spills don't migrate down.