Monday, April 27, 2009

Chocolate Peda

I miss Indian sweets and snacks. I wish there was Grands or Krishna sweets in LA. This is a foolproof recipe for chocolate pedas which does not involve any cooking or microwaving. I have not added any sugar or butter. You can make these guilt free pedas in no time. So what are you chocolate lovers waiting for? Try this and let me know!

Yields 4 pedas.

Ovaltine/sweetened cocoa/any chocolate drink powder(I used ovaltine)-4 tbsp
Milk Powder-4 tbsp
Almond powder-4 tbsp
Marie Biscuits-2 small(powdered)
Evaporated milk-2 tbsp

Method:Add ImageMix all the ingredients together and make a soft dough.
If the dough is sticky, add 2 drops of oil.
Divide the dough into 4 portions and shape them any way you like.

This is my 2nd entry to my own event:
15 minute Cooking - May 20th

Also sending it to For the Love of Chocolate - April 30th

Note: If you don't have evaporated milk, you can use milk(boiled and cooled). But pedas will perish soon. You may have to refrigerate them.
Since these are uncooked, I would not overeat. 2 or 3 max :)