Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Home Improvement Web Site

I was helping a friend over the weekend to finish laying decking boards, after, we put a frame together to make a lattice barrier for plants to grow up - this is when it happened, I was holding two pieces of wood in place and he had the hammer - we were busy talking about a home improvement web site and how he was thinking about writing one when... Wham! the hammer went down and he hit my finger nail instead of the nail... ooch!

A bucket full of ice was the only thing I could stand for the first couple of hours, it's not the first time of course - but the pain doesn't get easier. Hammering in nails is a bit like driving, if you are too worried about barriers and cars beside you - you take your eyes off the road!... you get to where you want to go easier if you look ahead to where you want the car to go.

My mate later explained that he was worried about hitting my finger, so much so that he must have taken his eye off the real nail at the last minute and subconsiously aimed at my finger instead.

Well, there I was with my finger in ice - he finished off a great looking frame and finally we managed to have our talk about him building a home improvement web site - over a nice cup of tea. I explained to him that I started to build my site - - after I had read a FREE course giving up-to-date information on the easiest way to build a quality information rich web site.

"FREE" he said, "Yes" I said, totally and without obligation, "Well," he said - "and where can I get my hands on this great information then!", "easy", I said - "just take a look at FREE Affiliate Marketing ebook, follow the easy instructions when you are there to download the quality information and settle yourself down in your comfy chair ready for a great read".

Well, I haven't seen much of him since, I know he downloaded the ebook and I have heard that there is no talking to him now that he is studying it... I do get the odd call about "have you read this part", "what do I think of that" - hey - I am happy for him and it would be nice to have another good quality home improvement web site out there but the other day he started talking about motor bikes so I am not quite sure which category on the world wide web is going to benefit from his knowledge but I know it will be good.

If you have an idea for a business or hobby web site of your own... why not download a copy for yourself - it only takes a few minutes, it's in a really easy to read format and actually it's incredibly interesting - its at FREE Affiliate Marketing ebook.

To your building success
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Friday, June 24, 2005

Home Improvement Idea

It's Friday again and a great time for a beer or a glass of wine sitting in your garden (weather permitting!) as you unwind from your busy week. If you haven't decided already - maybe you are talking over what you want to do over the weekend.

If your conversation turns to a great home improvement idea then grasp the thought and run with it - the feeling of accomplishment you are going to feel when it's back to work on Monday will be well worth the effort you are going to put into the project - however big or small.

If change is as good as a rest - why not get out into the garden - enjoy the fresh air and get on building that deck design you have been working on. Maybe you will be measuring ground space for your new gazebo or pergola and checking your list of materials before purchasing for your big summer project...

It's certainly a great time with the summer still ahead to make your own home improvement idea into a reality and hey! a little encouragement can sometimes go a long way. There are financing benefits to some home improvement ideas and quality of life benefits to others - either way you get a great sense of achievement... and that's priceless...

But, don't forget - it's always - safety first and measure, measure and measure again before you make that unforgiving cut!

Enjoy building your home improvement idea - and if you are looking for ideas and tips on projects big and small - then I invite you to browse around Home Improvement Ideas and Financing Options to help you find the right project to improve your home.

Enjoy the weekend
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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Deck Building Footings Options

Millions of us will be busy preparing deck building footings to start our deck design construction this summer - but how many people will be preparing firm foundation for their decking which will help their outdoor construction stand the test of time and add quality of home life with the stability of solid - cemented in - deck building footings.

It's a myth that it is easier to build a pallet deck design that just sits on concrete blocks than it is to start with inground concrete footings firmly connected to your decking via your decking posts and the J bolt through the post anchor.

It's much easier to build a deck true and square with carefully measured concrete footings - and end up with a deck to be proud of and that will feel is solid when you entertain on it with a group of people - than to try to stop a free-floating deck from creaking and rocking as the unbolted wood starts to move through the seasons.

Build a deck design that will become an asset to your family and your home by starting with the right Deck Building Footings - this article describes and has illustrations regarding the main 4 decking foundation options, you already know which we prefer so read the article so that you can decide for yourself.

Wishing you all deck building success...
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