Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Kitchen Remodeling is the No.1 Home Improvement project for a reason, upgrade your kitchen well and you add value to your home - also improving both saleability and the quality of your home life.

Here are a few "Quick Tips" to keep in mind when planning a kitchen remodeling project:-

First of all, between your work surfaces are the three main kitchen areas for the fridge, washing and cooking. These three areas form a recognisable working triangle in any kitchen.

(The surface between the sink and stove is probably where you are going to do all your chopping. The surface on the other side of the sink is where you will be stacking dishes for the sink or to put into the dishwasher.)

  • Clear access to the fridge without crossing through the main cooking work will make everyone happy.
  • Moving pipes can be expensive if you want to move the sink around.
  • Add more natural light wherever possible with bigger windows or a skylight and try not to let curtains block out all of the light.
  • Buy new doors for your units for a total new look or to find out how you can paint them see Painting Kitchen Cabinets
  • Avoid strong solid colors for the walls of a small kitchen, try paler colors and theme with one stronger accessory color for a chic finish.

The list goes on... you can read more about kitchen remodeling, ideas and tips and kitchen design at Kitchen Cabinet and Equipment

If your home deserves a fantastic 2005 total kitchen makeover then why not fund the project using the equity built up in your home?, you can get more information on a homeowner loan here at Financing your Kitchen Remodeling Project

2005 is a great year to accomplish your kitchen remodeling dreams,

and as always, please remember it's "safety first!"

Enjoy your home improvements

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