Monday, June 21, 2010

Hot Water Without the Waste!

"Have hot water at your fingertips whenever you turn on the faucet. Stop wasting water as you wait for cold to turn to hot. Stop burning energy as you wait for warm to turn warmer. The Taco D’MAND® System puts an end to the waste – and the wait – forever.

How D’MAND® works:

The D’MAND® System is a small, silent pump attached to your hot and cold water lines in the cabinet under your most remote kitchen or bath fixture. When D’MAND® System is activated, the cool water you normally let run down the drain is circulated back to the water heater through the cold water line.

At your “demand,” the pump circulates hot water from the water heater, and returns the cooled water back through the cold water line. When the hot water arrives at the faucet, the D’MAND® System’s patented heat sensor and control board shut off the pump to prevent pumping excess hot water into the cold water line.

Activate D’MAND® only when you need it. D’MAND® System only runs when you tell it to, and it’s smart enough to know when the water currently in the line is hot enough.

D’MAND® System can be activated with the push of a button, or with an optional wireless remote transmitter/receiver. D’MAND® System is easy to install. No new piping required.

The D’MAND® System not only saves water and energy, it saves in construction costs as well. No new return line is necessary; no need to drain the system; no demolition and repair." -