Saturday, May 26, 2007

Had Enough?

I know this doesn't have a darn thing to do with kitchens or remodeling or design. What it DOES have to do with is our country and how it is run.

I, along with Lee Iacocca and many others across our great nation have had enough.

I've had enough of this war in Iraq for one thing. I've also had enough of being jerked around by the self-serving corporate media and the self-serving politicians.

I'm tired of "being good" and "being quiet" and "going about my business" while my great nation and its once-proud people are going down the toilet.

I suggest today, instead of shopping around for a kitchen designer or ideas about your project, that you read Mr. Iacocca's op-ed and get mad yourselves.

Then, instead of going on about your business, I suggest you call or write or email your legislators and tell them you've had it. After that, call or write or email your news outlets and tell them you've had it and you won't be back until they tell the truth, and stop with the damn "talking heads" and points of view.

It's a hell of a note when an 82 year old man has to get up out of his rocking chair to light a fire under the American people and tell us what anybody with EYES can see. Have YOU had enough?