Friday, May 04, 2007

Re: Architects' Take on Latest Kitchen Trends

Most architects are not much shakes at kitchen design but they are "right on" with most of these trends in my area of California.
About the only thing I differ with them on is the natural wood cabinets. I still do more white or light painted cabinets than wood...Our small kitchens might account for that.
Most of the wood cabinets I do are the islands in the middle of painted kitchens.
Also synthetic countertops declined here long ago.
I am not seeing much call for outdoor kitchens. I think Californians have had them all along.


According to the American Institute of Architects (AIA), which regularly keeps track of housing trends through their Home Design Trends Survey, the following are some of the most prevalent "wants" in today's kitchens:

* Larger pantry space
* High-end appliances
* Integration with family space
* Natural stone counters
* Island work areas
* Natural wood cabinets

Synthetic, solid-surface countertops that experienced a boom in years past have started to decline in popularity, with natural stone such as granite still ranking above others.
Plus, there is a greater number of square feet being devoted to kitchens to account for their popularity as the family gathering spot.
And the number of separate cooking facilities throughout the home are increasing, including the additions of outdoor kitchens in many areas of the country.