Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Durian Ice Cream

I've been very crazy making ice cream recently. The reason is either the weather is too hot or I need to finish all the cream before it expired. What a good excuse! Oh yes, I'm quite naughty recently. At first, I was inspired by Small Small Baker's mango ice cream and it was fantastic! Then, I read through a recipe book of "The Perfect Scoop" which had given very details explanation of making real ice cream. I followed exactly the recipe to make a matcha ice cream and dark chocolate ice cream, it's real good!
After trying three types of ice cream, I still had some left over cream so I make this durian ice cream since now is the durian season and it's quite cheap in the market.
I followed the mango ice cream recipe from SSB but using durian. As the sweetness from the durian is very strong, I cut down some sugar to balance the flavour. This is my first time having such a super rich durian ice cream, we find ourselves like eating the real durian and it's totally different from what I bought from the supermarket. It's so flavourful till you will find the smell stay in your mouth for the whole day (no kissing on that day) kekekeke.... :) One thing good about homemade ice cream is we could have the REAL flavour of ice cream!

300g durian, puree
60g sugar
130g plain yogurt
200g whipping cream
Remove the seeds from the durian meat, I know you're going to lick your finger but please do it after you remove all ok :) Place the durian meat and sugar in a food processor to make them in puree. Transfer the durian meat to a large bowl and mix into the yogurt. Whip the cream in another bowl until stiff and fold it into the durian mixture. The recipe from SSB noted that the mixture could be store in the freezer without process it in an ice cream maker. However, I still process it in the ice cream maker to have a better texture. The result was very creamy!
Either you put it directly into an ice cream container or process in an ice cream maker, it has to be chilled in the freezer for 5 hours or overnight. Enjoy and no kissing.... kekeke...