Friday, July 30, 2010

Mission Viejo Water Heaters

Do you have a water heater in Mission Viejo that needs to be replaced?
Laguna Hills, Ca. water heater repair and replacement are very common as well.
What about the rest of Orange County, Ca. water heaters repairs or installation? If you like to take a nice hot shower, I would assume you have a water heater!

Guess what? professionally installs residential, commercial and industrial water heaters in Orange County ..... and we are always sensitive to our clients needs especially when it comes to prices! As of July 1st, 2010, all water heater manufacturers raised their prices almost 15% in some cases!

OUCH!!!! What does this mean to you? Unfortunetly this means that all plumbers in Orange County will be raising their prices as well. Here at SPLASH Plumbing we were able to negotiate with one of our primary vendors to hold the increase until August 1st .. so those of you that hired the affordable plumbing service we offer here at SPLASH to install your new water heater ...... "you lucked out"!

We will keep you posted with any other major increases in the future.

One final thought ...... if you are reading this blog and you are considering replacing your water heater in Mission Viejo, repairing your water heater in Laguna Beach or installing a 50 gallon water heater in Laguna Hills, may I suggest letting us provide you with a quote to install a tankless water heater?

Tankless water heaters in Orange County are very popular and offer great benefits! Please click here or call us at 949-642-7900 to schedule an appointment.

And remember at SPLASH Plumbing ...... "If water goes through it, we do it" ...... we are your 1 stop shop for affordable plumbing repairs in Mission Viejo and all of Orange County!