Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Article on Designing and Remodeling Kitchens

Most newspaper/magazine articles on designing and remodeling a kitchen are deficient in some way or another. They usually contain misperceptions and outright errors that cloud the whole article.

I just ran across a great article called Get Cooking on a Dream Kitchen, by Matthew M. F. Miller of CTW Features, that calls me to task on my opinions. Great job Matthew!

I then Googled his name to try to figure out why he is so on-target in his writing and came up with his blog, Maybe Baby, about his ongoing attempt to become a father. He's a Chicago twenty-something who lost a lot of weight in the past and is married to a feminist. They just bought their first home. He writes well there too.

I then found his bio on Content That Works, the company that he works for. He's a content writer!

I then found another great article by Matthew called
RETRO Fit or miss for your kitchen? on the use of retro appliances and strong colors in kitchens. He's spot-on again!

Then I found another one,
Test your energy-saving savvy to save big bucks, on energy conservation in the home. Again, very well presented.

This guy is just a great researcher who really does his homework!
So great in this day of misinformation masquerading as gospel.

My faith in writers is reborn!