Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bulthaup Creates a Really Different Kitchen

In my browsing around the Internet tonight I came across some new designs for kitchens by bulthaup, a German company manufacturing complete kitchen systems since 1949.
Stodgy they are NOT!
THIS is b3:

This stuff is truly innovative.
The cabinets seem to float in space. And the entire effect is one of ethereal light.

Those horizontal lines on the back wall are slots between engineered panels. They can support all manner of useful tools and shelves.

Even light fixtures can be mounted in the slots.

And take a look at these innovative ventilation concepts!

And a countertop with integrated sink and cooktop.

All in all, a real reason to ship a container of expensive cabinets from Europe.
I haven't seen this kind of innovation from the Continent since the mid-1980's.