Saturday, June 30, 2007

Fascinating Dream Home Diary in NYT

The New York Times is running a series and blog on their web site.
Apparently it's been going on since November of 2006.
Where have I been?

About Dream Home Diaries
They've found an idyllic tiny town in Florida, they've bought a piece of land and now Paul B. Brown and Alison Davis are setting out to build their dream house. How hard can it be, they wonder, even though they live 1,500 miles away, they've never built a home before and they don't know anything about architects, builders, local zoning laws or financing? On this blog for Great Homes, they recount their successes and failures and will chronicle their adventures to come.

What an interesting notion...following a project as complex as building a new home from concept through completion with readers meddling with their decisions all the way!

Blogbuddy Susan Serra, CKD, The Kitchen Designer, commented on their kitchen design plans and linked to the site. That's how I happened across it.

Looks like other K&B design people are also weighing in...HOW can I restrain myself????

Instead I think I'll suggest to the Chronicle a similar blog on a kitchen remodel from concept through completion. Hmmm.