Friday, September 14, 2007

Stories from the Heart of the Land

A New Public Radio Series
Sponsored by The Nature Conservancy and VISA

Ask some of the country's best radio producers to tell their favorite stories about people and nature...and what do you get?

Stories from the Heart of the Land, a six-part radio series featuring intimate stories from around the world about the human connection to land and landscape. Jay Allison hosts this new series that ranges across the world — from Australia to Newfoundland, Mexico to Tibet, now airing nationwide on Public Radio nationwide.

The Kitchen Sisters present CRY ME A RIVER a portrait of three pioneering river activists — Mark DuBois, Ken Sleight and Katie Lee, and the daming of wild rivers in the west. The story explores some of the dramatic efforts to save wild rivers, the rise of the environmental movement, and the power of individuals to make a difference. Produced by Davia Nelson & Nikki Silva with Martha Ham and mixed by Jim McKee.

Also in the series
- Elizabeth Arnold went to the woods with grizzly bears.
- Dan Collison and Elizabeth Meister stalked coqui frogs in Hawaii.
- Barrett Golding jumped on his bike.
- Scott Carrier walked with pilgrims around a mountain in Tibet.
- Jonathan Goldstein packed a tent and went camping, reluctantly.
- Sean Cole turned on his TV. Don't worry, it was a nature show.

In addition to the producers mentioned above, the series features contributions from Charles Bowden, Chris Brookes, Neenah Ellis, Ann Hepperman and Kara Oehler, Kelly McEvers, Bill McKibben, Jon Miller, Dean Olsher, Sandy Tolan and many others.

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