Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We in the San Francisco Bay Area are SOOOO excited about our Giants being in the World Series.

The first game starts at 4:57PM (PDT). Don't call me.

Our team this year is not the same team that started the year. So many changes. So many new (to us) players who were cast off from other teams and thought they would be watching the rest of their season from the couch.

It's quite remarkable that they were able to pull off an end of the season run to the top in the rankings and beat what we all thought were better teams in the playoffs.

Many, many fans have been cheering for the Giants ever since they came to San Francisco from New York back in the '50's. That includes me. My Mom was a SF Seals fan before the Giants came to town. We often went to (tiny) Seals Stadium, at 16th and Brannon, to watch both teams play, before Candlestick park was built.

After Candlestick was built, we went there. This was the era of Mays and McCovey, Cepeda and Marichal. Now the Giants have a gorgeous new stadium in Pac Bell Park.

The one thing missing all these years has been a World Series win. We've come close. Gotten into the Series, only to lose, in 1962, 1989 (the Earthquake) and 2002 (Barry Bonds).

Now here we are again; hoping against hope that this ragtag bunch of castoffs and rookies can pull off a miracle.

We're the underdogs, but that's the way we like it.

Go, GO Giants!
and Fear the Beard!


ADDENDUM 11/1/10:

I just watched the Giants clinch the World Series title in 5.
What a run!
All of San Francisco is ecstatic!