Friday, July 27, 2007

Green Building Exchange

Here's a new resource right here in the Bay Area, Redwood City. A place for homeowners and industry pros to come together to collaborate on green building projects and research green building products in a hands-on way, with vendors displaying their wares in a home & garden show environment.


Q - What does Green Building Exchange do?

A - Green Building Exchange (GBE) provides connections between people wanting to design, construct, remodel, landscape, or decorate sustainable buildings and the professionals that can help them. Green building is a relatively new field, and it requires specialized skills not broadly available from most designers, contractors, and vendors. Green Building Exchange saves time and resources for both the people wanting sustainable buildings and the professionals who want to locate customers.

GBE also provides informational and educational services to the public. These include online interviews with green building industry leaders, and events Tomorrow, 7/28/07, Grand Open House open to the public.

Q - How does Green Building Exchange work?

A - If you have a green building project that you need any kind of help with, simply fill out a form stating your requirements, available here . We will locate green building professionals who can help you with your project, and pass on your information on to them. The professionals will contact you directly, we will not be involved.