Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Top Five Kitchen & Bath Trends from Remodelers

I gleaned these trends from an article on Kitchen & Bath Trends in Professional Remodeling Magazine.


"The consumer today certainly has a lot more product knowledge than even a few years ago, but at the same time it can be very overwhelming for clients,"

"The problem for most consumers is that there is so much information out there, they don't know where to start. They may have plenty of ideas, but they need a professional's help to make them work."

1. Opening up the kitchen. Integrating the style of the kitchen with the style of the home.

More windows, more light.
Moving away from the formal dining room

2. Individuality in Design

2a. Personalized Cabinet Selections:

"We see everything. We're still doing white cabinets. We're seeing a lot of the European country trends, and at the same time, we'll see more stylish looks, like Asian fusion."
"Nobody's using oak. Cherry and maple are the two most popular."
Darker colors, simpler, less-detailed cabinet doors.
More emphasis on hardware details such as pulls and hinges."

2b. Eclectic & Unique Countertops:

More one-of-a-kind counters.
Other materials - wood, glass and concrete.
Mixing of materials.
Thicker granite tops - stacking two slabs on top of each other.

3. Functional & Energy Efficient Appliances:

Focusing on the function.
Energy-efficiency affects choices.

4. Building Green Kitchens - New but Growing:

Re-using demolished materials.
Many clients ask but few follow through.

5. Bigger, Lighter, More Spa-like Baths:

Build a "retreat".
More space - fewer divisions.
Open things up.
More light.
Luxury features, especially in master baths.
Glass & glass block
Two users simultaneously.
Hotel features - heated floors, towel warmers and multiple shower heads.
Furniture-style lavatories -darker, richer colors/finishes.
Flat screen television in the bath.

"Green remodeling is playing a role in bathrooms as well, with an increased interest in renewable materials and water conservation through the use of dual-flush toilets and other technologies."
"Advances in ventilation systems are also improving indoor air quality."
"Installing many environmentally friendly fans that run at a constant low level to circulate the air, then automatically cycle up or down when someone enters or leaves the room. Interest in central exhaust fans. They are located away from the bathrooms in the attic and draw from two or three locations. They last longer and create much less noise."