Thursday, June 26, 2008

Milky Loaf 牛奶面包

First of all, thank you HHB for this wonderful recipe!
This is my first attempt on making white bread. Ever since I was crazy of making wheat bread but not white bread. So, I was thinking to try something different for our next breakfast.

I've got some advised before making this bread, so everything went very well with a very simple straight dough method.
The simplicity of making this bread was using some basic ingredients which normally would have stored in a kitchen. This bread recipe was using milk rather than water as I've got some references about milk could give a softer texture and that's why it named "milky loaf".

The dough rise very well and filled up the pullman tin within 60 minutes (not sure it's due to the warm weather). I was quite happy that the loaf was almost a perfect square.

The milky flavor was fantastic that I could smell it while it's still baking in the oven. I was very satisfied with the soft and cottony texture.
Lastly, we are so pleased to have a wonderful breakfast.