Monday, August 16, 2010

Leaking Shower Valve Repair

Do you have a leaking shower valve in Mission Viejo that needs repair? is the website you need to click on! Give us a call 24hours 7 days a week for prompt plumbing service or repair to your leaking shower valve.

We service almost every make and model of shower valve ... there is not we have not seen!

MIXET Shower valves seem to be everywhere in Southern California .... especially South Orange County. Although unlikely to find one of them in one of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" house, I'll bet you might have one. Common problems you ask?
  1. Plastic handle strips and you can't turn the water on.
  2. Plastic temp. control handle strips and ..... you only got cold water .... BUUURRRRR
  3. Internal cartridge seizes....... no water at all!

Our recommendation .... call 877-HEY-SPLASH and let one of our Technicians install a new code compliant shower valve for you today!

Don't have a MIXET .... do you live in Laguna Niguel and have a quality HARDEN shower valve? Wel'p we can fix thise too! Good luck finding the trim though!

For those in Laguna Hills .... do you see MOEN on the knob that keeps breaking off in your hand? Call us for fast friendly repairs!