Monday, August 30, 2010

Make Sure You Have Proper Air Circulation Throughout Your Home

Going in Circles is Great for Heating & Cooling Comfort and Energy Efficiency!

Uneven air circulation and distribution of both heated and cooled air is a common problem in many households. Industry experts say that improper air flow can actually reduce the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning equipment by as much as 60%! They also say that improper air flow is one of the most common causes of heating and air conditioning system breakdowns. That's because when air is not flowing smoothly through your home, it puts extra demand on your heating and cooling equipment to force warm or cool air throughout the home.

Proper air circulation is extremely important if you want to get the most out of your heating and air conditioning system. Think of each room in your home as a section of a wheel. When you don’t get air good circulation in one room, it’s like having a flat spot on a wheel; the wheel is not going to roll smoothly. With central air conditioning and heating, one room with bad circulation can keep air from circulating smoothly throughout the rest of your house.

If your heating and air conditioning system lacks even air circulation between rooms and floors of the home, temperature and humidity can differ greatly from room to room. If one or more parts of your home are too warm or too cool, the overall comfort level of your home will feel out of balance. It may also force you to run your heater or air conditioner more in certain rooms; this can put unnecessary demand on your heating and air conditioning system, which can lead to premature breakdowns and higher energy bills.

The key to consistent year-round comfort is consistent air circulation. So how do you get proper air circulation throughout your home? It starts with installing a heating and air conditioning system that designed for your home's heating and air conditioning requirements. Is your heating and air conditioning equipment sized properly so that it doesn't produce too much or too little heated or cooled air? Does it have the proper efficiency rating? A system analysis of your home including a load calculation (a mathematical estimate of the amount of air that needs to be generated to efficiently heat and cool each room) can provide great insight as to whether your system is putting out too much or too little air.

Good ductwork design is another key component to getting good air circulation and consistent heating and cooling comfort. Because the ducts in your home carry the air to each rooms, it is important that they are the correct size and length to deliver the proper amount of heating and cooling. It's also important where in your home they are located and whether or not they have any leaks or damage.

If you're thinking of installing a new heating and air conditioning system, make sure your HVAC contractor not only explains how your equipment is sized and that it is of the right efficiency for your home, but that he submits and reviews with you a copy of the ductwork design. This will help assure you that you’ll be getting the proper air circulation and won't be disappointed with the way your new heating and air conditioning system performs.

At Horizon Services, our comfort consultants and HVAC technicians are always happy to discuss with you how to get the right air circulation and most consistent heating and cooling throughout your home. Give us a call!

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