Friday, September 21, 2012

EPA Regulatory Fees to Raise Spray Foam Insulation Cost in South Carolina

EPA Regulations Hit Spray Foam Insulation Contractors With Huge Cost in 2013

Hurry and get your home spray foamed before the tougher EPA restrictions start. New restrictions are set to double the cost of the most energy efficient "green" building products on the market like spray foam insulation. With spray foam insulation being the best insulation product on the market to homeowners and businesses in the Myrtle Beach, SC and Coastal Carolina areas, and has a 100% faster payback on investment compared to solar energy products.  New regulations in transportation fees, testing, and inspections, will now cost homeowners almost $2,000 more in spray foam insulation cost then in past years. 

If you have ever been interested in spray foam insulation for your home or business in the Myrtle Beach SC and surrounding areas, then now is the time to install it in your home or business. Beat the regulation start date and save up to $2,000 in regulatory fee cost. With tax credits this year being up to $30% of the installation cost, this may be the last time that homeowners can take advantage of current prices.  This is usually a pretty good tax deduction for most homeowners and businesses, offering incentive to invest quickly into better insulating your home with spray foam insulation.  If your a homeowner or business in the Myrtle Beach, SC or surrounding coastal Carolina area and want more information on spray foam insulation, then contact us today and take advantage of low pricing on spray foam insulation.

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