Thursday, September 27, 2012

Round Up - "South Indian Cooking" (SIC) Series Event - # 1

Hello Friends,

This is one of the most exciting event that I ever had and am very very happy to see a total of 190 recipes. Wow I myself could not believe the total number of recipes I received and I should thank a BIG THANK YOU TO ALL for making this event a big success. I also wanted to say that each and every recipe was unique and interesting.

Thanks Agian!! :)

Well here is the round up at the end of the post and below is the event details and anyone who is interested to host this event in future months can leave a comment or email me.


Hello Friends,

I am so excited about this event because it's a combination of all the South Indian Flavors together where I grew up with. Well now I have to talk as to why all the South Indian flavors are known to me. I am basically from Andhra, but was born and brought up in Pondicherry, but we speak Telugu at home. The language in Pondicherry is Tamil and food is also similar as in Tamilnadu and I traveled a lot in and around Tamilnadu. I did my college in Karnataka and have relatives up there and in Andhra, so very much familiar with the food there too. My better half is my Kerala, so like to cook Kerala food too. The best thing is that I can speak all the south Indian languages fluently. :)

So hope this event is exciting to you all, as it's to me!!

Well to talk about the similarities in these cuisines is the presence of rice as a staple food, the use of lentils and spices, the use of dried chilies and fresh green chilies, coconut and native fruits and vegetables like tamarind, garlic, ginger etc.,
I can just keep talking more and more about each cuisine...but for now lets go to the Event Rules.

* Use of LOGO is MANDATORY, as it will help to spread the word and please link to this event announcement page.
* Event Start Date is JULY 15th and Ends on SEP 15th (a 2 month event).
* Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian recipes are allowed.
* ANY number of entries are most welcome.
* Archived posts are also welcome, but please re-post it with the even logo and link to this event page. 
* Non-Bloggers are welcome to participate, send in your recipe to anu (dot) healthykitchen (at) gmail (dot) com.
* Bloggers can link to the corresponding the end of this page. If you find it difficult to link can also email me your recipe at anu (dot) healthykitchen (at) gmail (dot) com.

(NOTE: Please link the recipes according to the states names pls, and make sure if at all you make a mistake, you inform me about for me to correct it, else the entry will be deleted.) 
( I am combining Pondicherry and Goa as one state entry)
Thanks for understanding!

This is a series event, if any of bloggers friends are interested to guest host it for future months you are most welcome, else the following 2 month I will host it myself. You can leave a comment here for the same or write to me.

Hope to see all yummy and multi cuisine entries!! :)

EVENT CALENDAR 2012 - 2013

AnuJuly 15th to Sep 15th

SangeethaSep 15th to Nov 15th

DivyaNov 15th to Jan 15th

EZ Cook BookJan 15th to Mar 15th

PreetiMar 15th to May 15th

AchuMay 15th to July 15th

SowmyaJuly15th to Sep 15th

ShrutiSep 15th to Nov 15th


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