Thursday, April 19, 2007

Earth Day To-Do List!

The bad news: Global warming is real.

The better news: there are real ways you can help.

In honor of Earth Day, here are three things we can do to make a cleaner planet and a better tomorrow. The best part is they are low-cost or free -- but have a huge impact.

1. Reduce. Here's a bright idea: Swap out five standard light bulbs for energy-saving compact fluorescents. They use 25% less energy and last 10 times as long. Other ways to save: unplug unused appliances and take public transit. For more cool tips, go to the Natural Resources Defense Council website.

2. Offset. Once we've done what you can to reduce our impact on the environment, offset the rest. We can make a donation to reverse the greenhouse gases we produce. Go to I requested this from my "gift exchange Santa" last Christmas. And I've felt really good about that certificate I received ever since.

3. Recycle. Have an old cellphone just sitting in a drawer? CollectiveGood can send these phones for use in developing countries, or safely recycles materials from them. To donate your phone today (the shipping is free), go to

Thanks to Working Assets for these great Earth Day ideas! I have my long distance service with them and feel positively angelic every time I pay my bill! What could be better?