Sunday, April 01, 2007

Inspiring Kitchens

Here is a collection of delightful photographs of retro kitchens from a great blog called ** Terramia ** "Living day by day, "Island Style", on the west coast of beautiful British Columbia... I love design, and this place called *home*"

Cuisine de Printemps

They are exotic and obviously foreign.

I especially love the exposed stove pipe in the first image. I have been dreaming of an adventuresome client who would let me run a red exposed pipe from a hood for years...Maybe someday.

Also the red stove kitchen. If you click on the image (on the Terramia site) you get a really large image to examine. My first recipe box (turquoise melamine) is sitting on the counter. I don't get the "jewelry box" hinges on the cabinets though. They could not possibly carry the weight of the doors.

I just HAD to save these for future inspiration.