Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fluorescent Light Colors

What bulb has replaced the "warm white" fluorescent? Is it kitchen &bath or "sunshine" or something else?

Warm white is still out there. There are many new alternatives to warm white now.

To help you decide which are best for you, you need to think in terms of "color temperature".

Fluorescent bulbs are marketed in "temperatures" running from 2700K to 5000K for residential use.

2700K is closest to incandescent (think warm fire glow light color). 5000K is closest to sunlight.

Viable options for residential usually fall into the range of 2700K to 3500K. A lot depends on the colors used in the room and personal preference.

To see the colors for yourself, you will need to find a lighting store (or lab) that displays a fluorescent color box. Such a box has several different fluorescent lights in it in the most popular colors. You can put a fabric swatch, a wood sample, a paint chip, your hand, etc. into the box to see the effects of the different colors.

Very few lighting stores have these boxes right now. You will need to call around to find one and, if you are not in a metropolitan area, you may not find one at all.

Ask each outlet to get one. They are somewhat expensive so retailers will try to avoid the expense. Only demand from consumers will put this tool into our hands.

I had to send my clients to the City or to San Jose to look at a light box. Therefore, last year, I spent $500 on one myself and now keep it in the back of my car to help clients visualize the colors available.

Since I don't sell light bulbs (or anything at all) I regard this as somewhat of an imposition...but a necessary one. ;>D