Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Personal Secretary for the Kitchen

Tap a button on the SmartShopper, state your needs to its built-in microphone, and speech-recognition software turns them into text. SmartShopper recognizes 2,500 item names and common errands (“dry cleaners,” say, or “post office”), and lets you add items of your own. It also displays each new entry so you can correct it. When you’re going out to shop, it prints out the list, alphabetized, with errands followed by your list of things to get.
Available from, SmartShopper costs $149.95 and comes with three rolls of thermal paper. It also requires four AA batteries.
SmartShopper can be set on a counter, hung on the wall or magnetically attached to a refrigerator — wherever you’re most likely to be when you realize something’s running low.

I WANT one!