Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dates and Nuts Fudge(cake)-Sugar free & Natural

Remember Divya's Nutty Energy Power Balls? It is packed with protein, iron and fiber. Thanks Divya for sharing this healthy recipe. I modified the recipe and prepared it today as it marks the beginning of Margazhi(Tamil month from Dec 16th-Jan 14). Rendering of Thiruppavai(holy rhymes) to Goddess Andal is the main significance of Margazhi. Thiruppavai consists of 30 verses and 1 verse is sung every day for 30 days. To understand the meaning of all the verses visit Wiki. I love listening to Thiruppavai early in the morning. If you would like to hear the same, click Hummaa. Pongal is prepared everyday and offered to Goddess Andal during this month.
Also, it is Christmas time. One more occasion to indulge in a dessert!

Raw Mixed nuts(cashews, walnuts, almonds)-3/4 cup
Instant oats(dry roasted for a minute and ground to a fine powder)-3/4 cup
Dates-roughly 12(adjust according to your taste)
Ghee-1 tbsp
Cardamom-a pinch

Powder the nuts and oats separately. Grind the dates to a smooth paste.
Mix all the ingredients together to form a dough(like chapathi dough). Add ghee little by little while kneading the dough.
Flatten the dough(see the picture below) and cut into pieces or roll them into balls.

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