Friday, December 26, 2008

Log Cake

It's been very busy time for me in the pass few weeks. Perhaps now is the time to take a break and enjoy my baking diary. This is my first year of x'mas in this little land. I'm glad that my family could celebrate with me. We enjoyed the x'mas dinner and gifts exhanged. Although it's very tiring but absolutely worth it.

Here is my log cake for the x'mas. I used my previous roulade recipe to make this log cake simply place a few little snow man, x'mas trees and deers to make it looks a bit interesting. This log cake remind me a very old log tree I saw in the jungle during the winter years ago. It looks like a very damp, cold and old tree. I guess the Oreo crumbs make it looks so alike. But, I simply forgot to sprinkle some icing sugar so that it looks more alike :(
Well, I'm so glad they enjoyed the cakes and play around with those little snow man and deers. Very fun!