Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Trip to Majjie's Blog

I took a little trip across "The Pond" tonight to see how Majjie is doing over in the UK.

Majjie is a great blogger and kitchen designer. I like to check up on her every once in a while to see what she's up to design-wise.

She took me touring
Mirari Kitchens' sleek and shiny offerings in apple greens and reds. And their glossy glass backsplashes...Interesting.

Then to Majjie's discussion
"Free" Kitchen Designs - Are They Becoming a Thing of the Past?...Looks like the Brits are wising up about You get what you pay for too.

Then to
What Do You Want From Your Kitchen Designer?

Now THERE is some food for thought!

Majjie discusses whether her clients prefer to design their own kitchens and have her implement their ideas, or whether she should impose her expertise on their kitchens because she "knows better" and they really don't.

"What I don't want to happen is for any of my clients to be disappointed with the finished result. I'd feel really bad if one of them said to me ... 'you knew this wouldn't really work didn't you? And yet you let me go ahead with it'"

Occasionally, in 25 years of designing kitchens, baths, and other rooms, I have run across a client who really DID design their own kitchen and use me to help them implement their vision.

Much, much, more often it is a collaboration: with me listening to the client's wishes, wants and clues, and then creating a vision for them that is far more than they ever could have imagined on their own.

Then I need to communicate my vision back to the client so that he or she can understand it.

The fact is, if I were turned loose with a client's budget and free rein to spend it any way I wished, then I would be designing a kitchen for myself...not for my client.

It is the give and take and interaction with the client and their space that gets the creative juices flowing. And, when a client throws up roadblocks and hauls me up short to meet what may seem like unreasonable demands; that is what inspires some of the very best solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems.

I LOVE what I do.
It's always different and exciting, never boring or mundane.

Thanks Majjie!