Friday, March 02, 2012

Fast food not Fat food - Event Announcement

Hi All,

After a short break, I am back with an Event Announcement.

It is my first event to guest host which was originally started by Priya of Now Serving...

Life can be hard if one has to choose healthy food over attractive fast and fat foods. but, in these running days, it is difficult not to depend on fast and fat foods. This dependency is the base idea for this event. Yes! Why can't you create a heathier version of your favorite fast food? Make the fast food into a healthier version along with sinful, yummy taste and join with me for the event.

The Events runs from 1st Mar 2012 to 15Apr 2012. To know more about the event, Please read this Event Announcement page by Priya.

Rules for the Event:

  • Only vegetarian entries (Eggs are not allowed)

  • A healthy version does NOT mean a less appealing version. so, come up with healthy with NO compromise in taste

  • Up to 3 entries are allowed which are blogged during this period (1 Mar 2012 to 15 Apr 2012)

  • Recipe can be based on your innovation or It could be a recipe that you have been meaning to try out or have bookmarked 

  • You MUST explain why the recipe is healthy. Just a line or word is enough.

  • Use the Logo on your blog and link back to my blog and Priys's event announcement page.

  • Non Bloggers can also send an entry with or without photographs.

Please send in your entries with the subject "Fast food not Fat food - 1 Mar 2012 to 15 Apr 2012" by 15th April 2012 to umaskitchenexperiments(at)gmail(dot)com with the following info.

Your Name:

Blog Name:

Recipe Name:

Recipe URL:

Healthy Hint:

Recipe Photo (Please limit to max 400 pixels):

I am looking forward to all the healthy , innovative and tasty recipes!!!

Rush with your recipes...

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