Thursday, July 26, 2012

MBS & Co.'s Green Initiative Project - South Carolina - Myrtle Beach

MBS & Co's Green Initiative Challenge to Myrtle Beach, SC Area Businesses

What is the MBS &  Co's Green Initiative Challenge?

As hotels and resorts in the Grand Strand area are making upgrades in the next coming season, MBS & Co. would like to issue a challenge to property owners that when investing in remodelling. to consider remodelling with Energy Star Rated "Green" Building Products.  If building new let us come out and give you an estimate as well, as it is cheaper because of no removal cost.

What are some of the best selling Energy Star Building Products in 2012?

We have already been able to save a few hotels already money on reroofing cost with an excellent Energy Star Rated Roof Coating product called, Gaco Western S-2000 Silicone. Using thermal imaging we can pinpoint troubled areas of the roof that need repair, and leave the rest, saving big money on roof replacement cost. S-2000 Silicone roof coating systems are so versatile and can be applied on top of a lot of different roofing surfaces.  By using Energy Efficient Roof Coatings, commercial building owners in the Grand Strand can save money on utility cost as well.  In addition to roof coatings, we also have Energy Star rated meteal roofing systemss, as well as a variety of other roofing products that can lower utility cost.

Our biggest Energy Saving product however is spray foam insulation. What many hotel and resort owners are finding is that open cell spray foam insulation can not only save them money on heating and cooling cost, it is also a good soundproofing device offering another ammenity that not all hotels and resorts can provide. With the combination of Energy Star rated heat pumps, hotels have been able to reduce energy consumption tremendously by using superior insulation systems like open cell spray foam insulation.  Spray foam insulation is also a popular choice for homeowners as well in the Myrtle Beach, Conway, and surrounding Grand Strand.

Also, solar panel investments generally have a better payback rate for commercial buildings. Many hotel and resorts who launder there own linen have used solar power to run there washing and drying machines, which was a big part of their energy bill every month.  Renewable energy sources have always paid off for commercial building owners who use appliances that take a lot of energy.  There are also many federal grants, tax credits, and other initiatives out for solar panels that isn't offered on other Energy Star Rated Building Products list.

What do building owners in Myrtle Beach/Grand Strand recieve in return?

If you choose MBS & Co. we will include your business on our webpage as a member of the Myrtle Beach, SC community, your company stepped up and used a "green" product to help reduce energy consumption. We would like to make Myrtle Beach, SC the 'greenest' tourist destination in the United States. Myrtle Beach, SC has been getting a lot of good reviews since the addition of the boardwalk, and we think by setting a standard for energy efficiency can be could marketing material, as well as good for the enviroment. Our goal is to help partner in advertising Myrtle Beach Hotels, Resorts, and Rental Companies in association with the use of Energy Star Rated Building Products.  I addition to all of this, your business will also see a huge and fast payback on investment in the amount of saving you will see on utility cost.  It's a win-win situation for both the building owner and the enviroment.

Why is MBS & Co. pushing a Green Initiative this year?

Another major reason besides our concern for the enviroment, is the threats and rumors of utility companies raising prices in the upcoming years. With major tax credits available, now is the time to lock in your energy savings, and fend off the upcoming rate increases coming from power companies in the Grand Strand area. Many power companies are offering incentives for businesses that make "green" building improvements.

How do I get in touch with MBS & Co.?

MBS & Company
530 Piedmont Drive
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
Phone: 706-951-0158

Thanks for reading our blog, and stay tuned for more informative information on businesses going "green" in the Grand Strand.

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