Sunday, July 15, 2012

MBS & Co. Now Sales and Installs Mold Guard Products

MBS & Co. Now Selling Mold Guard Products

Being one of the top companies in the southeast at selling and installing spray foam insulation, the idea came about improving our spray foam insulation product. Mold Guard was a no brainer for MBS & Co. of Myrtle Beach, SC. We all know that mold prevention is the best way to defend against mold, and with the addition of Mold Guard spray on products, we can enhance the ability for your home never to have a mold issues.  As a matter of fact we will warranty the product for 25 years and if you ever have a mold issue where Mold Guard is sprayed, it will pay for remediation, remodel, and all cost associated with the issue.  You can not beat that kind of warranty there.  We look to be adding more information on our new product lines, so stay tuned to this webpage for updates.

We will be offering this service to customers in Myrtle Beach, SC and also the rest of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia.  This product is very affordable, and any homeowner adding on, building a new home, or remodelling should consider using Mold Guard.  1 in 4 people in the United States has mold allergies, so its best not to take the chances.  For more information visit Mold Guard's website at the link below, or call Dan at 706-951-0158 for a free estimate on your home.  We are also looking for general contractors looking to differentiate their new homes on the market, by offering a mold guarantee that other contractors may not be able to offer, so call MBS & Co. today if your a home builder in North Carolina, South Carolina, or Georgia.

For more information on Mold Guard products, visit their website at:

MBS & Company
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
Phone: 706-951-0158
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