Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Reduce Your Water Bill!

         If someone offered you a free dinner at nice restaurant, you wouldn’t turn it down, right? If you’re not considerate with how much water you use each day you may be doing just that. On average, people in Wisconsin spend around $120 every three months on their water bill. By changing a few bad habits you could save enough money every couple of months to go out to a fancy restaurant, go to a water park with the kids, or maybe even buy a new flat screen TV if you save long enough.  Here are few everyday things you can do.
-          Place a water bottle in your toilet tank
o   What? Really? Yes, it displaces the water and saves you 20 oz of water PER FLUSH!
-          Take a shorter shower  
o   5 minute shower = 12.5 gallons
o   15 minute shower= 37.5 gallons
-          Take your car to the car wash
o   You use up to a 100 gallons washing your car at home
-          Scrape your dishes clean instead of pre-rinsing them
-          Turn the water off while brushing your teeth
o   Believe it or not Mom is sometimes right
-          Always run a full dishwasher
-          Keep drinking water in fridge
o   Then you don’t have to run the water five minutes to get it cold
-          Wear clothes more than once
o   Moms- this is a great excuse to do less laundry
-          Sweep or blow sidewalks instead of spraying them down

These tips are money and environment savers. These tips can be especially helpful for businesses too, as their water bills are usually double the average families. Share with us how you reduce your water bill on Twitter or our Facebook page.