Monday, August 20, 2012

Duke Power Lowers Utility Rates Before Increase in North Carolina & South Carolina

Electric Rates Going Down in North & South Carolina before Rate Increase

It was recently announced by Duke Power that they are going to lower 2012 electrical utility rates for a few months before, the state approved electric utility rate increase of up to 7% goes into effect for next year, 2013. Duke Power had previously sought and received permission from, both North & South Carolina energy regulators earlier in the year (2012), to increase utility rates to customers, by up to 7% in North and South Carolina. With better than expected revenues and bringing current projects in under budget, Duke Power will give customers a little break in the electric utility rate they are currently paying.  They are hoping that this will offset some of the additional cost consumers will see when the rate increases in 2013. 

Also, while waiting on the 2013 utility rate increase in North Carolina & South Carolina, homeowners and businesses will have more time, to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and buildings, providing even more savings against the 2013 utility rate increase.  If you've been thinking about making energy efficient improvements to your home or business, then now is the time.  Not only will this offset 2013 utility rate increases in the short term, it also increases long term savings on utility cost.  In addition, to saving money against the 7% utility rate increase, there is a 30% tax credit on material cost for making home improvements using Energy Star products. There is no better time then then now, to make energy saving improvements to the home or business. 

Here are some of the best Energy Saving Improvements a Home or Business can make:

  1. Insulation - By upgrading your insulation system with a superior insulation system like spray foam insulation, homeowners and businesses can save up to 30% off heating & cooling cost.
  2. Replacement Windows & Doors - Most energy is lost in the windows and doors of a building structure, so by upgrading to a more energy efficient door and window design, homeowners and businesses can see big savings in energy cost.
  3. Energy Efficient Roofing - Metal roofing, UV roof coatings, and many other Energy Star rated roofing systems can lower the cost of utility bills for many homeowners and businesses.
  4. Energy Monitoring Systems - Energy Monitoring Systems not only tell you where you are using the most power, they can also identify bad appliances, that may be using a lot more energy then you really thought.
  5. Appliances Upgrades - If your appliances are old and in need of replacement, then by upgrading to a new Energy Efficient Appliance can show big savings on utility cost for both homeowners & businesses.
These are just a few ways homeowners & customers are making their homes & businesses more energy efficient. The best way to find out what option is best for your home or business, is to call a Energy Efficient Expert, like MBS & Co. of Myrtle Beach, SC. We have service areas all over North Carolina and South Carolina, so if you have any questions or are interested in a free estimate, then contact us with the information provided below.

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