Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hurricane Isaac Raises Gas and Energy Prices in South Carolina

Hurricane Isaac To Cause Increase in Energy Prices

Hurricane season is always a time for concern for southeast coastal areas like South Carolina, and this year is no exception. With the arrival of Hurricane Isaac in the gulf, this will be the first named storm to hit the United States this season. Though South Carolina and other east coast areas were spared a direct hit from the storm, Hurricane Isaac is still dumping rain and bringing storms to the South Carolina area. After missing Florida, tropical depression Isaac was able to make it into the gulf area and develop into a powerful, slow moving hurricane, also breaking up outer bands of the storm allowing it to dump rain all the way into South Carolina.

Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico not only threaten and damage states in the coastal area of the gulf , they also effects the majority of the United States energy prices.  With the majority of the United States oil and natural gas production being located in the states along the gulf's coastline; Hurricane Isaac has forced oil and natural gas companies to halt production until the storm passes.  With the lose in production, Americans can expect to see gasoline and natural gas prices to rise in the near future.  Most news coverage and analysts are predicting to see spike in the price of gasoline and natural gas to linger around for weeks to come.

The prices of building products also tend to fluctuate with gas and energy prices, as it requires gasoline to get materials to suppliers, in addition to suppliers having power bills, and other related energy cost in storing the materials. Also, when hurricanes and other natural disasters occur, building products may also spike, because supplies will be directed to the hardest hit areas, limiting quantities of materials to other areas of the country.

If your a South Carolina resident who has received rain or storm damage from the outer bands of Hurricane Isaac, then you may need a contractor to help you with repairs.  If you do sustain storm or rain damage, then now may be the time to make energy efficient upgrades. If your a homeowner or business in need of building repairs, then give MBS & Company of Myrtle Beach, SC a call today.  With service areas all over South Carolina, MBS can help you with all your repair and remodelling needs.  Contact us through any of the ways below, and we hope everybody comes out of this hurricane season safely. 

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