Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Learn the Benefits of Creating Vegetarian Meals for Cancer Patients - Guest Post by Jillian McKee

Hello Friends,

Here is an interesting post from one of the bloggers and her name is Jillian McKee, who wanted me to guest post this article writen by her to give an awareness about cancer and an idea about including vegetarain meals.

She has a blog "The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog" which is packed with lot of information and all about cancer.

Well here is her article......Hope everyone will read this and learn and benefit ......

Learn the Benefits of Creating Vegetarian Meals for Cancer Patients

Meals loaded with vegetables can be a great source of vitamins and antioxidants that are vital to

a person who has cancer. Mesothelioma cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, and other forms of

cancer typically mean that a person must undergo cancer treatments such as radiation, surgery,

or chemotherapy. In some cases, people with cancer must undergo all three of these treatments

in order to effectively fight the disease.

Because there are many side effects to the disease of cancer, it is important that cancer patients

have access to vegetarian meals and to foods that provide calcium. Vegetables and dairy

products can potentially work wonders in increasing the way a person feels. Increased energy

can boost self-confidence, improve physical coping abilities, and can help to add muscle mass.

This is a great way to give a person with cancer just the edge needed in order to maintain

stamina to fight the disease.

The American Cancer Society has helpful articles that provide up-to-date information on how

vegetarian meals can provide multiple physical benefits for people who are battling cancer. They

explain how eating fruits and vegetables can make a big difference in the way a cancer patient

feels physically.

Many times, vegetarian diets have a positive impact on a cancer patient’s mental state as

well. This is often a result of higher energy levels that are a result of eating foods that are rich in

nutrients and vitamins. When a person’s energy level increases, the individual will have a better

chance at being motivated and inspired to exercise. Regular amounts of exercise can play a

dramatic role in the physical strength a person with cancer is able to gain.

In the vegetarian guidelines provided by the American Cancer Society, it is suggested that five

servings of fruits and vegetables be consumed each day. Replacing processed pastas and

breads with whole-wheat pastas and breads will also work to improve the way a person with

cancer feels. Many of these eating recommendations will benefit the family of cancer patients as

well. This allows for a support group at home to be created.

If eating a vegetarian diet is new to a person, it can seem overwhelming to try to come up with

new and different recipes, snack ideas, and desserts. Eating the same thing every day can grow

very monotonous and tiresome. This is why it is important to get creative with making meals and

trying out new fruits and vegetables that a person does not consume on a regular basis.

Vegetarian quiches are a great way to get protein, vegetable servings, and dairy within one

meal. Add a side of fresh fruit and a complete meal has been created. Tasty vegetables that

work well when making a quiche include zucchini, thinly sliced carrots, spinach, onions, garlic,

mushrooms, kale, and eggplant. Add a generous helping of a favorite cheese to a vegetarian

quiche and this creates a delicious and healthy meal.