Thursday, August 02, 2012

Top Five Energy Star Building Products in South Carolina

MBS & Co.'s Top 5 Selling Energy Star Products for 2012

When homeowners or business owners contact us to help them lower their utility cost and improve sustainability, they have usually done research on a few of our products.  Most clients know that Energy Star building products really help reduce energy cost, especially in the hotter climates found in South Carolina, yet many still have questions on what is best for their project.  Generally speaking, most clients are in need of a service already because of an existing failing product, or they are building new and looking to get a better return on investment, then what traditional building products can offer. 

With that in mind, our list is going to look a lot different then what you see government and other "green" energy website lists look like.  The major reason for this, is that we have specific information, specific needs, and specific goals from our customers, allowing us to accurately and functionally develop a energy efficiency plan specific to that individual customers need.  Another reason why our list may look different from others, is that many customers budgets simply do not have the capital to afford items like solar panels and wind turbines that you see in the news and other "green" energy websites. 

The good news about our list, is that our list includes affordable Energy Star building products, that most homeowners and small businesses building budgets can accomadate. Not only are the products on our list more affordable for customers, they also have a faster payback rate on investment. Also be sure to note, that this list is just from our company's sales and customer feedback information, however our products really do seem to be a more sustainable way for homeowners and businesses to go "green", save utility cost, and improve energy efficiency. 

So without further a do, here is MBS & Co.'s top five Energy Star rated building products in 2012 for the South Carolina area:

  1. Gaco Western S-2000 Silicone Roof Coatings - This is a shocker to us as well, but with the combination of a weak economy and aging building structures, we have done more roof coating projects this year then we have insulation products.  Insulation can often be overlooked by many homeowners and building owners, but when the roof leaks, they have to get it fixed.  The great thing about Gaco Western roof coatings is that they not only minimize replacement cost, they also improve energy efficiency
  2. Spray Foam Insulation - Usually our number one seller, spray foam insulation can reduce utility cost for customers by up to 40% or more in some cases.  A poorly insulated home or building can really run up cost in the dog days of summer when temperatures are in triple digits, and all that cool air the A/C produces goes right out the building if its not probably insulated.
  3. Energy Star Rated Metal Roofing - Always a top seller, metal roofing is one of the oldest ways homeowners and building owners have been able to reduce energy consumption. Even before energy efficiency became an issue, metal roofing was used to help keep homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  4. Rock Wool Insulation - Rock wool insulation has been around a long time, however it has been making a big comeback since more consumers are concerned about their carbon footprint on the enviroment. Although not as good of an R-value as spray foam, rock wool insulation still outperforms fiberglass, giving customers big energy savings.
  5. Crawl Space Encapsulation - Encapsulating a crawl space can give homeowners and business owners big energy savings.  Not only does this service save energy, its also the best way to eliminate moisture and prevent mold from growing in crawl space areas.

As u can see from our list, roofing and insulation play a vital role in improving the energy efficiency of a building structure, and MBS & Co. is proud to be a contractor that can offer these energy saving solutions to South Carolina residents.  Though not a comprehensive list of all the services we provide, we hope this list will give homeowners and business owners some ideas on how to improve energy efficiency, when taking on a new building project or remodelling project in the South Carolina area.  MBS & Co. also sells and installs solar panels and other high end renewable energy products, however we often find customers prefer the more affordable Energy Star options listed above. 

If your interested in taking your home or business "green" and improving overall energy efficiency of your building structure in North Carolina or South Carolina, please feel free to contact us through any of the ways listed below.  Thanks for reading our blog, and stay tuned for more useful information and reviews on Energy Star rated building products. 

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