Friday, December 16, 2011

Shrimp, Mushroom and Potato Biriyani

I wanted to make food for one of my friend and told her that I would get a shrimp recipe. When I looked into the freezer for shrimp, I didn't have enough to make a curry. So I kept thinking, then I thought instead of making rice and curry, why not make shrimp biriyani, but still the shrimp will not be enough, so I started to check the fridge to add any veggies. I had mushrooms and potatoes. Ok, as these combo will work well, I made biriyani...omg! it was awesome....nice try! :)

1 pkg Shan's Bombay Biriyani Masala
1 lb Shrimp - peeled, deveined and cleaned
2 small Potatoes ( I used red skin potatoes with skin)
1 box Mini Bella Mushrooms (chopped or sliced)
1 large Onion, sliced
2-3 Green Chilies
2 Tomatoes
1 tbsp Ginger-Garlic paste
1 cup Yogurt
1 cup Mint leaves (chopped)
1 cup Cilantro leaves (chopped)
1 cup fried Onions (got it from store)
1 juice of Lemon/Lime
Salt as needed
1 tbsp Ghee (Clarified Butter)
1 1/2 tsp Oil
4 cups Rice
2 1/2 cups Water for cooking rice

1. In a heavy bottom pan, add ghee and oil, when it's hot enough, add onions and saute it until they turn golden brown.
2. Add ginger-garlic paste and saute it until the raw smell is gone.
3. Now add the mushrooms, potatoes, tomatoes and biriyani masala and cook it on medium high flame for about 5 mins, or until the water from the mushrooms, evaporates, completely.

4. Now add the yogurt and again on high flame cook for about 2 mins. Now add the shrimp and mix well and off the flame.
5. Transfer this gravy to a bowl, leaving a bit of the gravy in the same pan.
6. Meanwhile wash the rice, and remove the water and keep it for about 20 mins.
7. Now in the same pan add the rice and saute it with the little masala for about 5 mins on medium flame, until all the rice is coated with masala and the rice gets little toasted.
8. Meanwhile heat 2 1/2 cups of water in microwave for about 2 mins.
9. Now slowly add this water to the rice and bring it to a boil and cover and cook on medium flame until a little bit of water is still there in the bottom of the pan, else you can cook the rice in rice cooker (but make sure that it should be just more than half cooked).
10. Now in a baking dish/oven safe bowl/foil tray or any dish that is oven safe for layering the biriyani to cook.
11. Preheat oven to 350F.

12. Layer the baking dish with the gravy as the first layer, then add a layer of rice, then sprinkle some fried onions, mint leaves and cilantro leaves.

13. Repeat above steps for about 2-3 layers.

14.  Close the dish with aluminium foil and bake it for about 30-40 mins or until the rice is cooked and fluffy.

15. Serve this with your choice of gravy/raita.

Sending this recipe to Reva of Kaarasaaram - Royal Feast Biriyani event.

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