Friday, March 27, 2009

Strawberry Power Shake-No sugar added

Here comes a healthy and filling breakfast shake. Measurements are approximate.
Strawberries-2 cups
Milk-1.5 cups
Almonds-a handful
Saffron-for garnish(optional)

Blend everything to a smooth and creamy shake. Chill and serve.
If the shake is very thick, you may add some more milk.

This is my entry to the following events:
FIC: Pink/Rose - March 31st event started by Sunshinemom and hosted by priya.
JZ's Lets Go Nuts: Almonds - March 31st event started by Aquadaze of Served with Love

Some of you already congratulated me for winning the first place in Magnificent Click event hosted by Gayathri. Thank you friends! Congratulations to other winners too! I am excited to receive this beautiful award from Gayathri. Thank you so much!This is very encouraging. I hope to learn more about food photography from my husband.