Monday, August 29, 2011


I am really sorry for being so so late in accepting the you all know that I was a lot busy with so many things right from and after my birthday.
I appreciate everyone for giving me so many awards.

I thank Sobha of "Good Food" for giving me so many awards....

Award from Julie of "Tasty Treat" - Thank you dear! - Julie has a beautiful space with lots of yummy recipes with a healthy touch. She has shared 3 awards with they go!!

I really like to thank Shirley of "Welcome to Shirley's Luxury Haven" for sharing this award with me....

I would like to thank Wan of "COOKING VARIETIES" for sharing this beautiful award with me...

and finally would also like to thank Chandrani of "Cuisine Delights" for sharing this award with me....

Award from Veronica of "Veronica's Kitchen" has shared this award with me...Thank you dear! - she has a very beautiful space which is filled with awesome and unique recipes 

I am forwarding this award to 10 other friends:
1. Parveen of "Blooming Train" for being my first follower.
2. Vardhini - Zesty Pallete for being my helping me a throughout and encouraging me.
3. Reva - Kaarasaaram for being my inspiration with a beautiful space and awesome recipes with the perfect pictorials.
4. Radhika - Tickling Palates for hosting new and interesting events which will help to know and spread the web of food blogs.
5. Krithi of Krithi's Ktichen for doing this wonderful series of events called Serve It and for her comments.
6. Aruna of "Veggie Paradise" for being my early friend blogger who used to inspire me with her comments.
7. Biny of "Biny's Recipes" who used to shower me with beautiful comments and words of appreciation.
8. Melange of "Melange" for her encouraging and appreciation.
9. Jay of "Tasty Appetite" for her nice comments.
10. Priya of "Now serving" for hosting so many events and leaving nice comments.


28th August 2011
Little surprises bring lot of fun and happiness to us....Don't you all agree upon this?
Very happy to receive two more awards from one of my blogger friend "Kaveri" of  "Palakkad Chamayal".
I would like to thank her for showering me with these lovely awards and for being so generous.

18th August 2011
Winner of Tarla Dalal's "Healthy Breakfast" recipe Contest! (click on the link to read more about this....), receiving a personally signed COOK BOOK from her. :-))


Last week was a very happy week, as I received many awards from the event that I sent recipe for the month of July 2011. These words of appreciation was too encouraging, thanks for all of them for being so generous.

The first award for this week, I got it on Aug 3rd from "Good food - cook it healthy" roundup hosted by Sobha. I submitted my "Barley Mint Stoup" and the award was for creative most innovative recipe and for participation.

The second award I got was on the 4th of Aug, for the event "Serve it - Grilled" hosted by Krithi and the award was given for me for sending 5 entries and for participation

Today , July 24th's already 11.30 in the night and I was about to close my blog, I just checked the comments section and to my surprise I saw this beautiful comment saying that I was one of the three members selected in the Event "Any one Can Cook: Series 27"  for my recipe "Strawberry Swirl Cones"

I am so happy to win this event for the first time. I will sleep so happily today!.
I would like to thank Umm Mymoonah for selecting my recipe.

Today the 13th of July 2011 received another bunch of awards from Sangee from Typical Indian Cooking. I would like to thank her very much for sharing these awards with me and her fellow bloggers for my recipes and crafts. I was so glad, happy and excited to see these awards. These words of appreciation will make me more motivated to cook healthy food and follow my passion in baking and decorating cakes and also in painting and crafts. 

I would like to thank Silpi Bose from "It Is Tasty Ma!" and Deepa of "Hanaree Rasoi" for giving me these awards.