Monday, September 22, 2008

goodbye summer

I'm ready for the change of season. In fact, I'm always ready for a seasonal change. Not unlike our hometowns in Ohio, this part of the country provides a nice balance of all four seasons, despite the fact that you will hear comments like, "can you believe it's September" and "holy moses, we went from summer to winter overnight". Well here it is - fall - the windows are open; the mums are on fire; the geese are moving. Who can complain about this?

We sent summer out in a good way - sailing. Three years have passed since we've moved to Baltimore and we've yet to get on a boat (other than an occasional water taxi or tour). We recently met some new friends, Michelle and Rick, who graciously invited us out on their sailboat this past weekend.
Happy boys,

and a beautiful day

Welcome back, Fall.