Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Avocado Paratha with Cranberry Pickle

I am very excited about this post, as one of my blogger friends Nupur of "UK Rasoi" has asked me to be a guest of honor for her first event. Am really feeling very happy and proud to write the guest post and thank Nupur for giving me this oppurtunity. She has a wonderful space with healthy and easy recipes. Though I am not the best in whatever I do, I admire her for appreciating my recipes and blogs/blog posts and in making me feel proud of myself, where I try to focus more on healthy recipes, modify recipes with addition of healthy ingredients and make easy recipes as much as possible. 

She asked me to come up with one recipe which should be vegetarian. So I thought of making these two recipes, combined in one and keep it healthy as always - being loyal to my blog :) and as well as to myself.

I have created two different posts for each recipe and combined it here, providing the links.......

1. Avocado Paratha
2. Cranberry Pickle
(Click on the recipe links to view the complete recipe....)

I hope you all like it too, N'JOY! :)

Sending this to Nupur of "UK Rasoi" for her Event: Be My Guest and to blog hop hosted by Radhika of "Tickling Palates" - this week paired with Kalyani of "Sizzling Tastebuds"