Thursday, November 03, 2011

Beetroot Chocolate Ultimate Fudge Brownie - MADE EASY & HEALTHY

I love chocolates, especially dark and don't have to mention Anush loves to eat them more than me....:). I love the Ghirardelli brand dark chocolates. I saw the Ultimate Fudge brownie mix and could not resist myself from buying it....but kept in my pantry for a long time....feeling guilty and conscious about eating it myself and also for making it for Anush. But today I decided to make it ....but was thinking so much to make it healthy even with a box mix. first I was happy to see that it had only one egg mentioned...but was not happy about the amount of oil, they said to use.....straightaway I opened my fridge and pantry to look for some unsweetened apple sauce....didn't find was very disappointing....then suddenly and idea struck my mind...why not use Beetroot instead of oil and in the place of apple sauce? Wow really appreciated myself and did this no words to describe.....I won this self challenge....the fudge turned out awesome...more colorful....easy, healthy and happy, guilt free and more happy to introduce vegetable for myself and Anush....which he did not realise at all.

I hope everyone should try this with a giult free mind like me.... :)


Ghirardelli Chocolate Fudge Brownie mix
All ingredients as read/mentioned behind the box, except the oil. (Note: I don't remember the exact amount of oil they mentioned....but I did use a little bit of oil, about 1/4 cup of Oil and rest I used the grated Beetroot)
Beetroot grated finely


1. Mix the fudge mix according to the box mix.....but just add the extra ingredient (grated beetroot) and bake as per the boxed instructions. You are done !! :)