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Energy Star Rated Metal Roofing Systems

Benefits of Energy Star Rated Roofing Systems in South Carolina

Energy Star Rated roofing systems offer homeowners in North Carolina and South Carolina many advantages over a traditional shingle roofing system.  Although shingle roofing systems are sometimes a cheaper alternative to metal roofing systems, a metal roof offers many more advantages over a traditional roofing system. Shingle roofing has come a long way in the last 20 years since we started in the roofing business, customers often have to pay more for shingles that have warranties and guarantees that are comparable to that of a metal roof.  This is one of the main reasons that their has been a big increase in popularity among homeowners and business owners alike in using metal roofing when building new or replacing an existing roof. Most metal roofing systems have long term warranties on the metal itself, when properly maintained and repainted as required by warranty terms, and the technological advances in the paint industry have made some of the warranties of paint on metal roofs meet or exceed warranty terms of traditional 30 year shingles.  For most homeowners a metal roof is a lifetime roofing product when installed, as most metal is guaranteed for 100 years or more when properly maintained.  Maintenance on metal roofing is also more inexpensive then that of shingle roofs, and painting after the 20-30 year normal paint warranties on most metal products cost less then that of re-shingling a roof.

Now most homeowners and customers in search of a new roof already know that a metal roof generally outlast most traditional shingle roofing systems, although one advantage that metal roofing offers over traditional shingles is energy savings.  Metal roofs have been proven to out perform shingles in energy savings by so much that most metal roofing systems meet the requirements for an Energy Star rating saving homeowners up to 20% in energy cost.  Given such high energy savings this gives metal roofing a big advantage over shingles in that over the life of the roofing systems customers receive a huge payback in the form of energy savings on their utility bills. With utility cost rising all across the country, homeowners are searching for any way they can to cut down on energy consumption, and metal roofing is a unique way homeowners are cutting down on energy consumption.  Energy savings with metal roofing or any other "green" building product also improves overall sustainability of the home or building with a metal roofing system.

Another reason that homeowners are making the switch to metal roofs is that it is becoming the new trend and style. Metal roofing offers a variety of colors and styles, making it a trendy way for homeowners to distinguish their homes from others in the neighborhoods. With standing seam being the most popular style of metal roofing, customers also have the options of a wide arrange of lap system metal roofing products as well.  As metal roof manufacturers look to distinguish their products from competitors, homeowners are given a lot more options when choosing a metal roof in today's market.  In South Carolina and many other states rich in tradition of preserving historic homes, metal roofing is also the perfect match to historical roofing systems.  Metal manufacturers and experienced roofers, like Retro Solutions Construction Company of Myrtle Beach, can help homeowners match color and style from historic home roofing systems, thus speeding up the process of getting approval from historic home preservation committees.

The last major advantage that Energy Star Rated metal roofing systems have over traditional shingles is the tax credits that have been offered by the US government to help cover the cost of materials to homeowner and business owners.  The US is a leading country in trying to help reduce energy consumption of individuals, and trying to lower the carbon footprint of homes and businesses in America. Metal roofing is a "green" building solution the the US government approves of, so they offer huge tax credit incentives to homeowners and business owners looking to improve sustainability.

In conclusion, we hope this has been a informative blog post on why energy star metal roofing is a good choice for homeowners looking for a new roof.   We plan to have more blog post to come on other energy star rated roofing products like tile, white TPO, and other roofing systems that have received the coveted Energy Star rating. In summary on metal roofing systems, here are some of the advantages homeowners and building owners can benefit from by installing a metal roof in South Carolina:

  • Energy Savings
  • Lifetime Roofing Solution
  • Trendy, Popular Roofing System
  • Improved Sustainability
  • Tax Credits
  • Wide Variety of Style and Color Options
  • Historically Accurate Roofing Solutions for Historic Homes
  • Helping the Environment by lowering the Carbon Footprint
So if your a homeowner in the South Carolina or North Carolina area looking to install a Energy Star Rated Metal Roofing System, then give us a call today:

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