Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Licensed Mission Viejo Plumber

Searching through for a CHEAP PLUMBER? What about "googling" for "Cheap Plumber in Mission Viejo". Although the results you find may range in variety, there are plenty of qualified, affordable and licensed plumbers that may show up...... and plenty of unqualified. Here are the basics to look for when choosing a plumber in orange county.

  1. Do they have a current AND active California State Contractors license? Go to to look up a companies license number (if they have one)
  2. Is their website current and do they have a "testimonial" page?
  3. Assuming you have contacted them via internet or phone, can they produce references AND a current certificate of insurance? The insurance is crucial .... many smaller companies have the VERY basic coverage that may not cover damage to your home, injuries, damage to your car etc.
  4. Are their Technicians required to have a background check for things like; arrests, convictions, DUI, drugs etc.

In the event you contact ANY contractor to work on your home, these are the basics to consider! If the person who answers the initial call CANNOT confirm or provide these basic items, move on to the next company!!

Just my personal opinion of course!