Monday, September 20, 2010

Mango Rice

Mango…mango and mango….I love mangoes…
I never tried mango rice recipe before. I cut the mango and ate a small piece it was too tart, so to I added grated carrot to balance the tartness to the sweetness of carrot. I was so happy because Shoj does not like anything which is too tart.

1 big raw mango
1 carrot
3 green Chilies
4 dry Red Chilies
1 sprig Curry leaves
½ tsp turmeric powder
½ tsp Asafetida
½ tsp Mustard seeds
½ tsp Cumin seeds
¼ tsp Chana dal
½ tsp split Urad dal
Salt to taste
2 tsp Oil
2 cups Basmati rice (cooked)

1. Peel and grate the mango and carrot.
2. In a pan add oil, add mustard seeds when the oil is hot.
 3. After the mustard sputters add cumin seeds,dry red chilies, chana dal, urad dal, and green chilies fry until the dal turns golden brown, add asafetida and curry leaves.
4.  Add the onions and fry them until golden brown.
5. Now add the grated mango and carrot, cover and cook until mango gets bit soft for about 5 mins. 
6. Add turmeric powder and salt and stir frequently for about 2 mins so that it does not gets mushy or stick to the bottom. (Note: the mango should not over cook as it will get mushy).
7. Off the flame and add the cooked rice and mix well.
8. Serve this rice hot.